Short Distance Running : Kenya Missing In Action

There was a time Kenya athletes were a force in short distances. In the past, Kenya ranked very well in the 4×400m relay. They won a silver at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, and then a Gold in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Julius Sang also won a bronze in open 400.

How times have changed, today Kenya athletes struggle to secure Olympic qualifying mark let alone appear at short distance races. The local media, here in Kenya reported that Kenya National 100 meters Champion, Tom Musinde failed in his attempt to secure Olympic qulifying time, 10.1 secs. Another 400 meter runner, George Kwoba also failed in his bid to secure Olympic qualifying time.

The difference in performance between long distance running and short distance running is a matter of resources. To train a sprinter you need a lot of resources, top coaches, good diet, equipped gym facilities, food supplements, all these dont come cheap. To make matter worse the Kenya Athletics federation doesn’t even invest in the short distance running.

On the other hand, in long distance running the the only resource required is a runner, with a pair of trainers and willing to clock as many miles as possible. Its cheap and this is the reason why young Kenyans aspiring to be athletes choose long distance running over short distance running.




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