Shark Make’s a Meal of 66 years Old Triathlete

Do athletes push their luck to far? That is the question I asked myself as I read the Killer Shark story on L.A Times onlines. The times reported that in Solana Beach California a deadly shark made a meal of Dave Martin, 66, a dedicated triathlete who swam every Friday with other fitness buffs.

Though sharks are known to roam the ocean off Southern California, and millions of people swim in the waters annually, this was the first death attributed to a shark attack in San Diego County since 1994.

If you thought the attack would deter surfers from the water you are wrong. Surfers got in the water as soon as Martin’s body was pulled out of the water. Was it Tupac Shakur who sung “LIFE GOES ON” ?

What Drives Triathletes To swim in an Ocean full of Sharks

“Open-water swimmers overcome their constant, if mild, fear of a shark attack because of the allure of the ocean. Unlike a swimming pool, the ocean has no black line along the bottom. In the Pacific, you are freed from boredom. It’s the difference between jogging in circles on a track and running on a trail through a forest.” Those are the thoughts of William Lobdell a triathlete. Running is too boring for ocean swimmers?????

From the comment I read by one reader, I think some people care for animals more than humans “Very good story. It didn’t demonize the shark.The shark has to eat. That man was honored by the attack. God has brought us to a place where he wants us and if that is the destiny this man faced then I am sure he is in a better place. This will happen a lot I believe as global warming gets worse. – commented Jenny G”

See more of the story on L. A. times online

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