My First Run of 2009 : Checking My Fitness

Last Sunday I went for my first run of 2009. And it was one painful experience. I had not run since November 2008 and I thought I should try a 5k run round a track but I only managed to run 2k.

I tried to run fast but  I felt as if my legs were tied with sacks of sand. My chest was on fire and it was hard to believe I was the same person who had cruised to a comfortable 2 hours 54 minutes finish at October 2008 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon. It was clear the partying over Christmas holiday had done lots of damage!

The purpose of the run was to assess my physical fitness in readiness for  2009.

1. Fitness of my knees

Sore and painful knees are a bad sign. Mine felt okay.

2. Ankle fitness test

Ankle wear and tear are inevitable in running. Mine were not aching so am assuming everything is fine.

3. Strength Test

I did pull ups – three sets of 8 repeats. The goal of pull ups was to assess my upper body strength. I did the three sets but I had to push harder than normal.

4. Vertical Jump Test

How high you can jump is a sign of how fit you are. The higher the better. I jumped the normal length but it has more to do with my improved jumping technique, a  friend of mine taught me how to jump higher.

5. Leg Strength

Lack of speed and heavy legs during running is a sign I need to do stretching exercises.

6. Cardiovascular Fitness test.

Running is a cardiovascular exercise. As I was running my chest felt like it was on fire and when I stopped running my chest felt tight. The solution is to start running again.

One thought on “My First Run of 2009 : Checking My Fitness

  1. Steve

    Hi Constantine,
    I feel your pain. As much as I love the holiday season, it always takes a toll on my running. Starting back up in the new year can be tough. At least you know it will feel better after you get in a few runs. Best of luck with your running in 2009. – Steve


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