Gym Fitness : Obama Working Out

Last week I read in the news that Barrack Obama made three separate stops to Chicago gyms over the course of one day. It seems the busy campaign schedule hasn’t killed his love for working out!


With these multiple gym visits, am wondering is Obama running for Mr. President or Mr. Universe?


My theory is that there is a possibility Obama is addicted to working out. A few months ago the New York York Times published a report about “runners high“. Scientist in Germany proved that when you are working out your brain releases chemicals that alter your mood. You feel good and high! This is the reason why some people claim to be addicted to exercise.


Another theory I have read is that Obama is using gyms to conduct V.P interviews?  And what do you think of this theory from comedian Jay Leno “Obama is working out because he needs to be fit to do those Flip-flops

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