Weight Lifting Can Make You a Better Runner

During my marathon training for last years Nairobi Marathon I tried resistance training exercises to try to boost my performance. A pal of mine who is regular gym member recommended I do squats and frog jumps around a track. The benefit of resistance training were obvious especially running uphill, my legs felt strong.

Although some experts are sceptical whether resistance training has benefits to runners, there are many top runners who incorporate weight lifting as part of their training.

The New York Times have an article on weight lifting and its impact on running. Some of the elite runners who swear by resistance training is Steve Spence, who won a bronze medal in the marathon at the 1991 track and field world championships in Tokyo “I feel that every major breakthrough with my running has come after a period of strength training,” he said.

Other believers of resistance training are marathon stars Deena Kastor and Ryan Hall, the winner of the US Olympic marathon trials last November. “We do it all,” Said their coach. “We do upper body, core and lower body. The stronger the athlete is in a total body perspective, the more efficient they become as a runner.”

Like one expert interviewed on the article said, The main problem with weight lifting is that many people do it all wrong, if you want to know how to lift weights read the times article.

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