Usain Bolt Diet, Food

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, so what does he eat?

The answer is in the runners world October 2008 Issue.

The world fastest man doesn’t follow a strict diet.  On an average day he eats

Usain Bolt Breakfast food

Yams and fried green bananas or maybe saltfish and ackee (what is that?)

Usain Bolt Lunch meal

Rice with pork or beef

Usain Bolt Dinner 

Rice with beef or pork

Usain Bolt favourite meal,


To celebrate his first world record he took his entourage to a Mcdonalds.

5 thoughts on “Usain Bolt Diet, Food

  1. Courtney Gray

    Can you bloody keep my science lesson. I’ve been trying to find out what he eats and i was expecting chicken nuggets because my teacher told me so… so grow up and write correct information.


  2. GL

    Ackee is a jamaican fruit, high fat (mostly EFA’s) and supposedly very nutritious. Typically eaten with saltfish.

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