Marathon Training Plan For the Last Week

This is my training plan for the last week before I run 2008 Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon.


Its important to  continue running at a low volume to help maintain your fitness.

On Monday I run a 16K run at my marathon pace of 4 minutes a Kilometer. I take a rest on Tuesday and wednesday. On Thursday I do speed work,  five repeats of 800 x 2. On Friday I run a 20 – 30 minutes jog and on saturday a 15 minutes Jog.


Stretching is important because it helps to make the muscle flexible.  The more flexible the muscles the faster you can run. I do stretching daily, in the morning and in the evening.


Six glasses of water a day.


Eat very salty food to ensure the sodium levels remain high. Low sodium levels is one cause of stomach cramps during running.

Carbon Load.

Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates to boost my energy reserves. I eat large portions of sweet potatoes during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The daily protein diet of chicken and fish remains as usual.

Peace of mind.

Avoid mental stress, too much stress will weaken your body. I have read stress makes people to gain weight. The last thing you need in the final week is to add weight that you have painfully shed during training.

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