How the Nike+Ipod Kit For Runners Work

When Nike+Ipod kit was introduced, Time magazine described it as the most elegant of high tech runner’s aids.

How The Nike+Ipod Kit works

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit links an in-shoe transmitter to an iPod Nano-connected receiver, so that all the facts and figures of a workout can be tracked and reviewed.

The kit relays activity from a shoe-based transmitter to a receiver dongle that plugs into the iPod Nano docking connector. (The unit is compatible, at present, with only the Nano versions of the iPod.)


Things that the Nike+Ipod Kit tracks for you

A sensor, transmitting at 2.4 GHz, detects a runner’s cadence, and a set of calibrating procedures makes a range of estimates–including time tracking, distance run, pace and calories burned–available in the iPod.

If you want some real-time feedback, a spoken alert can indicate milestones, such as lap splits or mileage, during the course of a workout. Basically, the Nano now plays host to a virtual trainer. Once your run is done, you can plug in to download the results to iTunes, where you can review performance history. By synchronizing the data on a companion Nike Web site, runners can set objectives and monitor their progress.

What is the weight of the transmitter? very very light, it won’t slow your run.

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