End of the 9th Week of Marathon Training : Recovering From Long Run

After running 42Km last week, I decided that was my last long run. At the end of the run my body felt too tired and I could not imagine doing a similar run with less than a month to go before I run 2008 StanChart Nairobi marathon.

Sometimes, less is better, if you run too much you risk getting fatigue.

This last week I have been focusing on recovering from the over exertion of that long run.

Recovering from a long run

  1. I did not do any serious running during the week, just two jogs to remind me am still supposed to run a marathon.
  2. My ankles, feet and calf were sore. I have been treating them with ice, massage, stretching and using anti inflammation spray.
  3. Stepping up on my food intake, especially proteins and fruits to help in body recovery.

Am not carrying any running injury at the moment and my only concern now is how to treat my tired legs.

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