End of 6th Week of Marathon Training: Water Saving Idea

Running a marathon on the race day is not hard, the hard thing is the training for the marathon.

Six weeks are gone since I started my intensive training for Nairobi Marathon on 28th October 2008. This will be my third marathon and my target this year is to run a sub three hours marathon. My Personal Best is 3.06.

The hard part of marathon training is that you run without drinking water along the way.  Running a 5K or 10K without drinking some water along the way is not difficult, it becomes difficult when you do the long runs.

My long runs are up to 32K, by the time I finish my lips are dry as a stone.

Water Saving Ideas for the long run.

I don’t carry water when I go for the long, I just do the following to save the water in my body.

1. Load on water. I start by drinking plenty of water before going to sleep then I drink at least half a litre before I go out running.

2. The half litre is mixed with salt. Salt helps in water retention plus it helps to curb stomach crumps.

3. I maintain a slow pace, A training long run is meant to build endurance and confidence. Running at a slower pace than my pre race pacer saves energy and water.

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