End of 11th Week of Marathon Training: Where Has My Speed Gone

After four months of intensive marathon training I expect to be running faster than when I started but I was shocked on Monday to find that I couldn’t run fast. This was a big worry because one week from now I will run at 2008 Nairobi Marathon.

My calves and thighs felt heavy, it was like sacks of sand were tied on my legs, I decided to jog for one hour. The next day my right thigh felt tight and I jogged for half an hour.

I thought hard what could be the problem and I concluded the lack of speed was because I had not been stretching for a while and my leg muscles  were not contracting and relaxing fast enough. Muscle tightness was the problem!

The next two days I focused on stretching exercise and drinking plenty of water.

After two days of rest and stretching I went to run and the feeling was remarkable. My legs felt light!!

If you feel you are not running as fast as you desire try stretching exercises.

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