Chelsea F.C. and The Secret High Level Fitness Regimen

Last evening I watched Chelsea football club defeat Liverpool football club in European Champions league semi final. One thing I noted about Chelsea soccer players is how physically strong they are.  Over the weekend they had a difficult match against Manchester united, which they won 2:1., I initially thought they would be tired against Liverpool players who had a one week rest but Chelsea players matched them in pace and strength.

The ability of Chelsea soccer players to maintain this high level of fitness means, Its either Chelsea soccer club has discovered a training regimen that they keep secret or they are genetically superior.

Chelsea players having a genetic advantage seems unlikely. How the club conducts its training might explain the high levels of fitness.

The Secret Soccer Training Regimen

As the game against Liverpool went to extra time, Liverpool players got jaded while the Chelsea players ironically got more stronger. My guess is the coaches at Chelsea have figured a way to improve the ability of the players muscles to utilize fats during the game. Thereby a larger portion of glycogen can be preserved and a player can keep playing at higher intensities at the end of the game.

How they do this?, nobody outside Stamford Bridge knows.

But I know runners have a way of how to prevent glycogen depletion. Endurance athletes engage in Carbon loading. This technique amounts to increasing complex carbohydrate intake during the last few days before a marathon event.

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