Cardiovascular Exercise: Playing Soccer and Hill Runs

Yesterday after work I played soccer with five of my friends.Two of these guys, we have been lifelong friends since Kindergarten.

Sport has been a passion for mine since I was old enough to kick and catch a ball. I’ve played rugby, soccer, and badminton. I picked running in adult because as you grow up friends move on and opportunity to play team sports diminishes. Running is the only sport that you can engage in alone.

Exercise for the Heart and Lungs

We played a three aside game. With no goal keeper, we attacked as a team and defended as team. In such a game of few players you have to be on the run always. When you kick the soccer ball forward, there is no permanent striker in front, so you have to run to attack. When the opposing team breaks for the attack you have to be sprint back to defend.

The quick short sprints, to attack and defend, made me breath rapidly. The only time I experience rapid breathing is during hill runs. My friends who don’t run like I do were having a harder time. Once in a while they would seat down to take a rest.

Sprinting is good for the heart and Lungs

All that sprinting was making the lungs work faster and the heart beat faster. The reason why my friends were running out of breath is because their lungs are not used to function under intense effort.

The rapid breathing is not just experienced in soccer but in basketball, football, rugby any team sport that requires plenty of quick runs. If you want to improve your breathing you should include a team sport as part of your training for running. Your heart and lungs will benefit from rapid breathing experienced from this sporting activities.

At first the rapid breathing can be painful but the more you engage in it the more your heart and lungs adapt to high performance. Running out of breath will be a thing of the past.


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