Benefits of Running on Track

After three months of marathon training on road I have decided to shift my next three runs to running on a grass track. The purpose of the shift is to give my legs, especially the ankles a break from the hard tarmac surface.

One way I  avoid suffering an injury is to alternate my training surface.  I run on tarmac for a few months then shift to a grass track for a short while.

Yesterday was my first run on grass and its was one of the fastest run I have run for a long time. Three months of running on tarmac and doing hill runs has made me strong and fast.

Benefits of a Track

1. Speed work, A flat surface allows you to accelerate as fast as your legs can run.

2. Minimizes Risk of Injury, Whether the track near you is a grass or an artificial track, the soft surface reduces the risk of a running injury.

3. Helps In Injury Recovery. After a running injury I start running on grass first before getting back to road running.  If it feels good on grass , its safe to run on tarmac.

3. Easy to Measure Your distance. A standard track measures 400 meters. Two and a half  laps is equal to a Kilomete. By calculating the number of laps, times 400 meters you can easily tell the distance you have covered.

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