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Low Impact Running Ideas

Tired of running on tarmac? some low impact running ideas are swimming, running on treadmill, running under water and another unusual idea is using a run bike.

I checked run Bike website and I could not understand how this thing works? If you look at the guys feet, it seems he is on air?

From Run Bike Website:-

The RunBike was developed to enable more people to run more miles for more years in their lives. The basis of the objective lies in two accepted realities. The first is the myriad aches, pains, and injuries associated with conventional habitual running. The second is the burgeoning body of research pointing to the medical benefits of exercise.

“How had mankind missed this application of the wheel for so long?”

The guy behind it says, it is good for running, jogging, walking and highly recommended to those who want to run but suffer from joint, knee and weight problem.

Weekend Half & Full Marathon Photos & Pictures

It was a great weekend of marathon running, I found pictures from some of marathon races that happened over the weekend.

2010 Hyannis Marathon Race photos & Pictures

The local paper had a great photo taken at the start of the race : a picture of Dad with his wheel chair bound son just ahead of the leading pack. See photo at cod times site

2010 Gasparilla Half & Full Marathon photos & Pictures

The notable thing about thsi race was the 41 year old winner, Terri Rejimbai won the womens half in a time of 1 hr 22 mins. See pictures at st petersburg website

2010 Cowtown marathon photos & pictures

The largest running field over the weekend, 21000 runners turned up. I wondered why the winner had a slow finish time in the low 2:30s. This picture tells it all

See more pictures at flickr

2010 Standard Chartered Hong Kong marathon photos & pictures

See photo of the winner at peoples website

2009 Chicago Marathon Photos From Runners Like You

It was an interesting 2009 Chicago marathon. Our good Spectators were their to record the memeory with this awesome photos from 2009 Chicago marathon. The photos were submited to chicago tribune website. All rights are to respective owners and courtesy of Chicago tribune.

samuel wanjiru runningThe Champ on the way, At the end he nearly waved the $100,000 good bye!

chicago marathon quotePain is temporary, pride is forever!

black devilsIf the above quote was not inspiring, then being chased by this devil look alike was enough to make runners run for their lives!

elvis costumeOn this special day even Elvis made an appearence from his grave!

Runners on artificial legsWhat Courage? He could have chosen to use a Wheel chair but he chose his legs

For more exciting photos like these visit chicago tribune photo gallery.