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Ordinary Guys Training & Preparing To Run Ultramarathon

The January issue of runners world magazine (South Africa Edition) had a pull out about the Comrades marathon, a South Africa 89Km ultra marathon. I have never run beyond my favourite 42Km but after reading the touching stories  of those runners who have ran comrade marathon, I started thinking this is something I need to try one day.

If preparing  for a 42km marathon is sweat and more sweat then I bet preparing for a 89Km marathon must be blood and more blood. May be!

How two ordinary Texans train & prepare for an ultra marathon

I found this inspiring story of Jacques Smuts & John Pontikas from Texas who are preparing to run an Ultra marathon. After finishing Saturday’s Surfside Beach Marathon rather than take a day or two off like other runners they ran another 26.2 miles the following day at the Austin Marathon. Thats two marathon in two days.

This is what they told the press about their intention.

Pontikas (28)  “I’m using the marathons as training runs, with the real goal being longer races, like the Western States, Badwater and Spartathlon endurance races.”

Smuts (43) also looked at the double marathon as prep for longer races.

“I thought back-to-back marathons would give me an indication of whether I was ready for a 50-mile race,” he said.

Good idea!!