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Dara Torres Resistance Stretching Exercise Demo : Video

After Dara Torres won silver at beijing summer games, she credited her success to two secrets, amino acid supplements and a mode of stretching known as Resistance stretching in which she stretches or elongates her muscles against resistance.

Benefits of resistance stretching

The benefits of resistance stretching are flexibility and strength

Meridian stretching

This video by Al Rocker guided by Bob cooley, author of best selling book Genius of flexibility demonstrates resistance stretching.

Bekele, Tune Fight over Beijing Summer Olympic Slots

I was reading the morning paper when I read the entertaining story of Ethiopian’s, Bekele and Tune who were involved in a heated exchange as to who deserves a place in  Ethiopia Olympic squad.

The Bekele here is not the famous Kenenisa Bekele but  Bezunesh Bekele a female marathon runner. While Dire Tune was the female winner of this year’s Boston Marathon.

The two faced off in a physical confrontation before their early morning training session. No serious injuries were reported from the incident.

The athletes are both vying for the last selection place in Ethiopia’s marathon squad.

With a few weeks remaining to the start of Beijing Summer Olympics the Ethiopian Athletics  Federation is yet to decide between the two girls. With the clock ticking, the girls are getting anxious and am not surprised they lost their cool.

To Ethiopia  Athletics Federation, Shame On You!