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2012 Dubai Marathon Results

2012 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon happened today and I have just got the results. The winner of mens race Ethiopian, Ayele Abshero. The women’s race was won by another Ethiopian, Aselefech Mergia

In the men’s race, Ethiopia’s first timer and 2009 World Cross junior champion, Ayele Abshero smashed the course record set by compatriot Haile Gebrselassie (2:04:53) when he posted a jaw-dropping 2:04:23.

In the womens race Aselelefech Mergia came home first. Her winning time of 2:19:31 was enough to earn her $100,000.

Ethiopians on Rampage in Dubai 2012 Marathon

It was a bad day in the office for the Kenyan. Despite putting a large contigent of runners in Men and women races the Ethiopians were too good. The Ethiopians swept the podium in the men’s race and in the women race 4 and of 5 were Ethiopians.

Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 Week 4

During the week I ran a total of 43Kms. 7kms on Wednesday, 10 kms on Friday and a 26 kms long run on Sunday. I missed running on Thursday because it was raining and I wasn’t in a mood to go out running in the rain.

I did the weekday runs around a track. I wasn’t trying something fancy like basso 800s, my goal was to maintain a high pace for the duration of the distance.

I am getting better at focusing on my feet movement. I have learnt when I keep focus on my feet movement and prevent my mind wandering am able to maintain my pace.

The Sunday long run was the best so far, I felt my body was getting stronger. I started with a goal of running 24 Kms but I extended it to 26 kms because I was feeling strong. The good weather helped, it was a Sunny morning with cool temperatures. I ran the whole route without taking water and I never felt seriously thirsty at any time. My long run consists of running a very hilly route. It is a route where you are either going up or down. I try my best to step up my pace when climbing up those hills: it is the only way to get better and stronger.

Cross Training.

After missing training on Thursday, I made sure I did indoor work outs. I did press ups and squats. I have also been doing stretching exercises to make sure my leg muscles are nibble and flexible.

So far I haven’t been timing my runs but I plan to start timing myself.

Come October 30th, I will be strong and ready to fly.

My 2007 StanChart Nairobi Marathon

To see forward you sometimes need to look back.


As I prepare to run 2008 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon I decided to reflect on my experience at 2007 Stanchart Nairobi marathon. By looking back I hope to learn what I need do as a prepare for 2008 marathon.


The 2007 marathon was my second 42K marathon and my finishing time was 3 hours 6 minutes a big jump from my first marathon time of 3:26 but short of my target of a sub three hour marathon.


The Pre race night of  2007 Nairobi marathon


I couldn’t sleep so I spent part of the night watching re-runs of Prison Break.


Start of 2007 Nairobi Marathon


Being my second marathon I thought I would be more relaxed but instead I was anxious. I tried mental exercise to deal with the anxiety but the butterflies did not leave my stomach.


I remember I visited the loo three times and on my fourth visit, a guy in the loo confessed he had been there 10 times but he did not pass urine. Although I felt the urge to pee, every time I got inside the loo I did not pass urine. It seems I  was acting on a false signal.


My first 10K


My strategy was to to make it to the 30K mark in 2 hours and have 1 hour to coast the final 12K.The plan was to do a pace of 4 minute per Kilometre


At the 10K mark I checked my  wrist watch and it read 38 minutes. Ooh too fast. I slowed down for the next 10K stage.


20K mark


At the 20K mark my time showed 1 hour 25 minutes. To stay within my target I had to cover the next 10K in 35 minutes.  I tried to push hard and paid the price when I started getting stomach cramps.


At the 30K mark


My time was 2hours 12 minutes.  At the 35K mark I was losing my stamina and by now Lactic acid had built up in my legs and my calves were sore. I just kept jogging and back in my mind I knew I had to deffer my dream of a  sub three hours marathon.

I crossed the finished line in a time of 3  hours 6 minutes.I got my finisher’s medal and on my certificate I was placed as runner No. 196. Not bad in a marathon of 13,000 runners.