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Hip Pain When Running : Cause & Treatment

If you are feeling hip pain when running, it is likely the bones around the hips are suffering from a stress fracture or it is your hip tissues having a problem.

Stress Fracture of the Hip

Stress fractures are partial breaks or cracks in the bones around the hip.Read complete article on Stress Structure of the Hip : Cause, Treatment and prevention.

Hip Tissue Problems

Common Hip Tissue injuries are

  1. Pulled Hamstring.
  2. Hip Bursitis – inflammation of the hip
  3. Hip Snapped when running.

For more about this problems visit Health website.

Cause and Treatment of Hip Pain when running

The cause of hip pain when running is over training. The best treatment is taking a complete break from running and allow your body to heal and recover.

If the hip is in serioous pain and swollen, see your physician.

Boston Marathon Course : Route Map – Town to City

The historic 26 mile boston marathon course starts in the town of hopkinton and ends in boston city

9 Towns along the boston marathon course.

1. Hopkinton

2. Ashland

3. Framingham

4. Natick

5. Wellesley

6. Newton

7. Brighton

8. Brookline

9. Boston

Snap short of boston marathon route – course map

How to Download the Boston marathon route map.

To get a detailed boston marathon route map you may download it from the official boston marathon website : download the boston marathon map here