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Chinese Marathon : Why Some are Desperate To Cheat

I was going through my google reader when I noticed the following news item in the Guardian UK newspaper The story made my day!!

FROM CHINESE MARATHON : Almost a third of the runners who finished in the top 100 have since been disqualified for cheating in the race in the southern port city of Xiamen.

The reason given for cheating has something to do with the University entrance examination. In China those who finish in the marathon in under two hours and 34 minutes can add extra points to their score in the University entrance exam.

Methods used for cheating

Some of the methods the cheaters used were the good old method of taking short cuts, the now familiar one of hiring an impostor to race with your race number and the old classic of hiking a lift on a vehicle part way through the route. Taking a lift enroute was made famous by Rosie Ruiz when the unknown madam came in first at the finish of 1980 Boston marathon. It emerged that she had ridden the subway almost all the way, joining the route barely a mile before the finish line.