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Oprah Winfrey Marathon Time : Marine Corps Marathon

“I want to beat Oprah!” That is the goal of many runners. Oprah Winfrey finished 1994 Marine Corps marathon in a time of 4 hrs,  29 mins, 15 Secs.

If Frank Shorter inspired the first (1970s) running boom across US, Oprah Winfrey inspired the second, by running the Marine Corps Marathon. If Oprah could run a marathon, shame on anyone who couldn’t.

How Oprah ruined the Marathon.

While race directors across US were happy to welcome the new generation of runners or is it marathon walkers, the hard core runners were not happy. Edward Mccleland writing for salon.com thinks :-

America’s competitive spirit has been wrecked by feel-good amateurs like Oprah whose only goal is to stagger across the finish line.

I totally agree with him! The marathon is a race, the goal should be to finish it and to finish as fast as you can.

Read the fantastic salon article here

Radcliffe Running Toilet Stop

Some of the most agonising moments for runners is when you feel the need to pass urine when on the run. Do you look for a toilet or do you run to a bush?

The urge to pee while on the run is normally a false signal. But if you cant help it, do what Paula Radcliffe did!

This is Paula Radcliffe unscheduled toilet stop at 2005 London Marathon. The added creativity on the photo is courtesy of the Sun Newpaper of UK. Read Sun’s colourful article Easy peesy for Paula

Radcliffe, feeling hindered by the need for a toilet break, stopped and urinated on the side of the street in plain view of the crowd and TV cameras which broadcast the incident live. In November 2006, the incident was voted top running moment in history from a choice of ten ‘unforgettable moments’

Amazingly, this running “Pit Stop” did not stop her from winning the race in a time of 2 hrs 17 Mins 46 Secs and Set a New record.

Celebrity Stock photos

This infamous photo of Paula Radcliffe it is the type of photo you find inside a tabloid celebrity gossip and photo pages. The photo is perfect for female celebrity photo galleries or a celebrity photo library.

Radcliffe Does It again at Beijing Olympic Marathon

When I saw Radcliffe break away from the leading park and run to the side I thought she was reaching for a drink, instead she went down and did a toilet stop in front of the TV Cameras!. That’s two toilet stops in two marathons. I’m wondering, what does she eat before the race?