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Signs Of Heart Attack When Running Marathon

There have been a couple recent deaths in marathon races. In 2011 marathon deaths have been reported of a 35-year old in Chicago, 32 year old in San Antonio, 27 year old in Toronto, 32 year old in Montreal, and a 58 year old in savannah. These deaths are making some runners now worry about running long distance races?

I remember reading an article in NYT about this issue of runners dying from heart attack a few years ago. One of the conclusions was “The risk of dying on a marathon course is twice as high if you drive it than if you run it”.

Runners World magazine resident doctor wrote on this topic (Heart attacks) and he adviced all runners to look out for the following tale tell signs of an imminent heart attack when running.

Listen to your body and stop for chest pain or pressure; pain or pressure in your arm, neck, or jaw; skipping or irregular heart beat; or unusual breathlessness, loss of energy, or fatigue.

If you have an event, like blacking out or feeling dizzy while exercising or feeling your heart flutter or race, report it to your physician for evaluation. Also be aware that “heartburn” during exercise may not be from your stomach and can be your heart.



Half Marathon Training Program For Beginners

All indications are more and more runners are opting to run half marathon instead of the the big brother “Full Marathon” The main reason for this is training for and running a full marathon is just a killer!

Online Half Marathon training programs

There are many half marathon training guides online. You can choose from one of the following guides.

Basic half marathon training schedule for beginners.

This program has been written by Christine Luff. They even provide a free Email training guide.

Runners World Ultimate Half Marathon Training Guide.

This half marathon training guide has been developed by runners world magazine.

Half Marathon training for beginners

This guide has been developed by fitness magazine.

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training for All Levels

Jeff Galloway is the brain child of walk run marathon strategy. He has written numerous books on half marathon running.

Beginner Half Marathon Training.

This program is from cool running website.

Lots of company in half marathon courses

According to Running USA, the 13.1 mile half-marathon is the fastest-growing distance in the sport. In 2007, there were over 500 half-marathon events and an estimated 650,000 finishers; a 10 percent increase from 2006. It was the second year in a row that the number of finishers and events increased by 10 percent and the fifth consecutive year that the distance has registered significant growth.

Three Hip Flexor Strengthening Exercises

There is a link between a runners knee pain and weak knees. In an article in runners world magazine two runners who suffered chronic knee pain recovered after they were put on a program of hip strengthening exercises.

Reed Ferber Hip Strengthening Exercise.

The article has a program demonstration by Reed Ferber, Ph. D., director of the University of Calgary’s Running Injury Clinic. He recommends doing them daily after you run. Start with one set of 10 reps and gradually increase sets so that you’re doing three sets of 10 by your fourth day. You should see improvement in two weeks. If you don’t, Ferber says to see a doctor because the cause of your injury may lie elsewhere.

See and read the technique at this article @Runners World.

Check out this video demonstration of Hip Strengthening exercise

New York City Running Coach on How To Start Running

I was going through a copy of Runners World Magazine and I came across a small piece on the best way to start running.

The advice was from a New york City running coach.

Every able-bodied person can be a runner, says Gordon Bakoulis, a running coach based in New York City. “Just start slowly and build up gradually.

Thats it! the mistake many beginner runners make is blast out running, five minutes later their legs, lungs, and even the insides hurt. Every beginner runner should start slowly and build up gradually.

Edward Norton New York Marathon Training

Actor and longtime conservation activist Edward Norton will run the NY Marathon as part of a team raising awareness and financial support for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a Kenya-based conservation organization. Norton and 3 Maasai warriors will be leading 30 people from all walks of life running the ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 1st.

The three Maasais are Parashina, Parashi and Sunte. They usually run in sandals made out of off-road tires. They call them “Michelins” or “Thousand Milers.” While Parashina and Sunte will wear Puma running shoes Parashi intend to stick to his Maasai Running Sandals.


As part of preparation Edward travelled to Kenya where he ran with the Maasais. Most of the running was around Chyulu hills on the Northern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Norton discribed the experience to runners world magazine: –

“We probably ran about 30 miles a week out there. It’s tough running. A lot of lava rock and rutted roads and thorn bushes. And there’s been a bad drought all this year so it’s very dusty right now, where normally it’s high green grass everywhere. I think it will make New York feel easy for these guys, as long as it’s not cold, which they are not used to.”

My Saucony Hurricane Running Shoe : Marathon Training Shoe

Saucony running shoes are not as common as Nike running shoes. But after I have repeatedly seen Saucony shoe adverts on Runners world magazine and I have decided to give the shoes a try.(who said advertising doesn’t work?)

I intend to use them in my training for 2009 Stanchart Nairobi marathon.

Saucony Hurricane Running shoeAlthough the sole looked more like that of a trail running shoe I just thought the shoe would be great for tarmac running. According to the manufacturer, the the outsole features XT900 rubber compound in the heel. I dont know what that means but I hope it makes running softer and easier.

$125: Registration Fee For Chicago Marathon

So you want to register and run Chicago marathon, then you better be ready to pay a hefty $125.

Inflation has affected marathons, just like everything else in life.

For an answer on how the $125 is spent, Mark Remy of Runners world magazine had a funny fictional interview with Kenneth D. Lewis, Bank of America’s chairman, president and CEO, the sponsors of Chicago Marathon.

This part of the interview made me shed tears of laughter

Where does that $125 entry fee go, exactly?
Ah. Well… We offer beverages along the route, you know. Water and… uh… sporty concoctions and such. Scotch and soda as well, I believe. That adds up.

OK, aid stations. What else?
Those gaily colored placards. The ones pinned to one’s running uniform.

Bib numbers?
Precisely. Those don’t come cheap, either. And let’s not forget the safety pins. If you think each participant takes just four, you are badly mistaken.

So far this isn’t adding up to 125 bucks.
Of course it isn’t. Because we haven’t yet talked about the race shirts. They’re made by Armani. And by “made by Armani,” I mean that Mr. Giorgio Armani himself makes them. By hand. The man is 74 years old, so this takes time. And time is money.”

Have a funny day