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2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Full & Half Marathon Photos : Pictures

I have been looking all over the web for pictures from 2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Full & Half Marathon Photos & Picture and at last found them. See cleveland marathon pictures @ local radio photo gallery

The race was  run by impressive crowd of 15,000 runners. The race was made up of 5k run, 10k run, half marathon and a full marathon. Cleveland marathon course is billed as one of the fastest and flattest  in US. Other attractions are, great weather and a newly redesigned course that runs past major city attractions like  the rock and  roll hall of fame.

Fastest US Marathons : Top Ten By Running Times

If you want to set a new PR or a course to help you qualify for Boston or New York marathon then you need to look at this list of fastest US marathon.

1. Chevron houston marathon in Texas

2. Austin Marathon

3. Lincoln National Gurad marathon

4. Rite Aid Cleveland marathon

5. Grandmas marathon

6. Chicago marathon

7. Steamtown marathon

8. Philadelphia marathon

9. California marathon marathon

10. Las Vegas marathon

Factors considered in compiling the list were : Flatness, weather, size of the field and number of turns.

Source running times