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Be Careful, Someone Could Steal Your Race Number

On my blog travels I found this funny running story by Baldrunner . The story is how a thief stole his daughters race number and went ahead to race.

The theft took place at 2006 city of Angels Half Marathon.  According to the post  , They arrived at the Expo only to find that her daughters running pack was missing, the attendants informed them that someone had collected it.  King of Pot then says,

We later found out from the results of the race that an unknown male runner used my daughter’s race number and started and finished way behind us. He finished the race in 2 hrs 33 minutes & 03 seconds with split time at 10K in 1 hr 06 minutes & 14 seconds. He had 10:40 minutes pace in the 10K and 11:41 minutes pace for the half-marathon. The guy did not register for the race but just simply ran the race using my daughter’s original designated race number.”

He goes further and claims, “I had a suspicion that the guy who got her race number was a Chinese!!!!”