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Register To Run 2013 Paris Marathon : Enter 2013 Paris Marathon

They say, |”The early bird catches the worm” This is so true when it comes to getting a place to run in popular Paris marathon. To say this marathon is popular is understatement.  The race has 40,000 slots. Last year the race opened in September and it was all sold out by end of November.

The rule is first come first served.The key to getting your slot is booking early.  Registration for the 2013 race will begin or open between mid-September and early October.

Paris Marathon 2013 registration date.

Registration for 2013 Paris marathon will be done online. Payment of registration fee is also done online.

2013 Paris Marathon Dates.

2013 Paris marathon will be on 7th April 2013.

Doctors medical report

Paris marathon require a medical certificate signed by doctor proving you are in good condition to run and finish a  26 mile marathon

Book a Starting zone

The starting zone just after elite runners is reserved for sub 3.15 runners who provide proof of previous race results obtained within the last two years. For this fast runners, the registration must be done via post mail.

To Register visit the official paris marathon website

Register for France / Paris marathon via Charity

If you are not successful, you can take the route of running for Charity. Charity organizations require you to raise a minimum amount of funds. There are many charities organization selling Paris marathon slots in exchange for funds.  Check out this Charities Stroke Association & Arthritis research.