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Gait Analysis For Runners

Gait analysis is a procedure done to determine the running style of a runner. There are three types of running styles. These are over pronators, neutral and under pronators.

Gait analysis is done by specialist companies or offered inside running shoe shops. A salesperson typically videotapes customers running on a treadmill to figure out what type of stride they have.

Over pronators

Over pronators tend to land on the very outer edge of the heel. It is estimated 70% of runners over pronate.


Thought to be the perfect running style. The body weight is well balanced from the heel to the front foot.

Under pronators

This ones are rare.

Doctors Advice

Runners are advised to get their running gait analyzed to determine their running style. Once you know your running style you can know the best type of running shoe to buy or alternatively you can buy special shoe inserts (known as orthotics and prescribed by a podiatrist) to rebalance your running stride.

Using the correct running shoe greatly reduces your chances of contracting an injury.

For a video demonstration of gait analysis visit fitness Uk.com

Foot Arch Types : Normal Arch Type : Flat Arch Type : High Arch Type

These three images / pictures describe the three types of runners foot Arch types.

3 Types of Runners Foot Arch Type

1. Normal Arch Type

2. Flat Arch Type

3. High Arch Type

Images of runners foot arch type

Normal Arch type


The normal foot arch type is the most type of foot among runners. Stability shoes are recommended for runners with this type of foot.

Flat Foot Arch Type

flat-arch-footAs the name suggests, the flat arch type is just flat. The shoe type recommended is stability shoes or motion control shoes.

The High Arch Foot type

high-arch-foot-typeLook at the red line, the arch is deeply curved inside. The high Arch type of foot is very uncommon. Runners with high arch foot type are advised to wear neutral cushioning shoes.

Images Courtesy of zappos shoes. The Number online running shoe seller

Shoe Type For Flat Arch Foot

The flat arch foot type is a flat foot when observed from the side. The following is description of a flat arch foot.

flat-arch-footAnd if runner with this flat arch foot were to step on a slab of cement, the following would be the imprint.

flat-foot- imprintIt would leave an imprint of almost the entire bottom of the foot

Shoe Type for the flat arch foot

According to Zappos the best shoe for flat arch foot are stability shoes & motion control shoes.