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Half Marathons February 2011

Half Marathons February 2011. Across USA & Cananda over 50 half marathons will take place in February 2011. Many more half marathons will be held in europe-Germany, UK, France etc.

For information on half marathon registration Half marathon registration, half marathon results and half marathon race photos, half marathon pictures please Google for your half marathon of choice website.

The following are February 2011 half marathon and dates arranged in Alphabetical order

AIA Half marathon – 2011 -Feb-20 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Arizona Half Marathon – 2011-February-20 Glendale, Arizona

Austin Half Marathon – 2011-February-20 Austin, Texas

Bay Breeze Half Marathon – 2011-February-19  San Leandro, California

Buzz Half Marathon – 2011-February-19 San Miguel, California

Colonial Half Marathon – 2011-February-27 Williamsburg, Virginia

Cowtown Half Marathon – 2011-February-27 Fort Worth, Texas

Critz Tybee Half Marathon – 2011-February-05 Tybee Island, Georgia

Cross Timbers Trail Runs Half Marathon – 2011-February-19 Sherman, Texas

Dahlgren Trail 1/2 Marathon – 2011-February-27   King George, Virginia

Dances With Dirt – Green Swamp Half Marathon 2011-02-12  Dade City, Florida

Dasani Half Marathon 2011-Feb-19  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Davis Stampede Half Marathon 2011-February-06  Davis, California

Death Valley Borax Half Marathon 2011-February-05 California Death Valley

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011-February-27  Orlando, Florida

Five Points of Life Half Marathon 2011-Feb-20 Gainesville, Florida

Fly with the Eagles Half marathon 2011-Feb-12  Illinois, Marion

Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon 2011-Feb-20  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Galveston Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2011-02-20 Galveston, Texas

Ghost of Whidbey Half Marathon 2010-February-27  Coupeville, Washington

Golden Gate Trail Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-19 California Rodeo Beach

Half at the Hamptons Half Marathon –  2011-Fe-20 New Hampshire Hampton

Hilton Head Island Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-12 Hilton Head Island

Hyannis Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-27 Hyannis, Massachusetts

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-06 San Francisco, California

Lace Up Against Half Marathon –  2011-February-13  Rochester, Minnesota

Last Chance for Boston Half Marathon –  2011-Feb-27  Dublin, Ohio

Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon –  2011-Feb-20  Apache Junction, Arizona

Melbourne & Beaches Music 1/2 Marathon –  2011-Feb-06  Melbourne, Florida

Mercedes Half-Marathon –  2011-February-13 Alabama Birmingham

Orlando Xtreme Half Marathon 2011-Feb-12  Florida

Palm Springs Half Marathon 2011-February-13 Palm Springs, California

Pasadena Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-20 Pasadena, California

Pecos Valley Stampede Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26  Roswell, New Mexico

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras 1/2 Marathon – 2011-Feb-13  Louisiana New Orleans

Rocky Road 1/2 Marathon –  2011-Feb-26 Coto de Caza, California

Rose Bowl Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-06 Pasadena, California

Run for the Booty Half Marathon 2011-Feb-03  Greenville, North Carolina

Run for the Whales Half Marathon 2011-Feb-05 Makena, Hawaii

Run the Reagan Half Marathon 2011-Feb-19 Snellville, Georgia

San Dieguito Half Marathon 2011-Feb-13 Rancho Santa Fe, California

Save the Light Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-05 Folly Beach, South Carolina

Scenic City Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Snow Joke Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26 Montana Seeley Lake

Strawberry Plains Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-12 Strawberry Plains, Tennessee

Surf City USA Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-06 Huntington beach, California

Surfside Beach Half Marathon – 2011-Feb-26 Surfside Beach, Texas

Tallahassee Half Marathon –  2011-Feb-06 Tallahassee, Florida

Tampa’s Gasparilla Half Marathon 2011-02-27 USA Florida Tampa

Thrill In The Hills Half Marathon Trail Run 2011-02-26 Georgia Winder

Information courtesy of running USA & half marathons net

Half Marathons 2011

The best website to find half marathons in 2011 is marathons.ahotu.com. The site describes itself as the largest directory of half marathon. They have listed over 1123 half marathon 2011 races and counting.

The half marathons in 2011 are listed in countries, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France etc. You can also find half marathons in 2011 from cities worldwide.

The Popular Half Marathons 2011

Bupa Great North Run Half Marathon 2011

This north east of England half marathon race is the largest half marathon in the world with over 50,000 racers taking part. The race is on 2nd of October 2011. If you will be in England then you may include it as part of your half marathons 2011.

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011

This women oriented race will be on February 27, 2011. If you are thinking of a half marathon 2011 gift to your girlfriend or wife  this is the race.

Boston Half Marathon 2011

This is one of May half marathons 2011. Boston half marathon 2011 will take place on 29 may 2011.

Chicago Half marathon 2011

Another interesting half marathon in 2011. A perfect preparation for the 2011 Chicago marathon. Almost all major marathons have half marathons 2011 races that will act as dress rehersal for the big one.

To find 2011 half marathons in your country or worldwide go to marathon.ahotu.com.

Books for Half Marathon Training

There are many half marathon training books, to save you time, we have done a review of three best selling books for half marathon training at Amazon.

Best selling Amazon books for half marathon training

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathon Training

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Half-Marathon Training: Get Ready to Run or Walk a 5K, 8K, 10K or Half-Marathon Race is an easy-to-understand introduction to the world of running half-marathon, or shorter, race. Endorsed by the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, this book is packed with illustrations, notes on how to stay motivated and tips on how to train without pain. It will guide you through your marathon-training program and show you how to find the appropriate clothing and shoes, prevent and treat injuries and warm-up before running.

To buy the book from Amazon follow the link below :

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Half-Marathon Training: Get Ready to Run or Walk a 5K, 8K, 10K or Half-Marathon Race

Half Marathon ; You Can Do It by Jeff Galloway

This book for half marathon training is quick & easy with lots of color & specific tips. It’s particularly good if you feel like you’re too old or out of shape to run a half-marathon.

To buy this half marathon training book from Amazon follow the link below:
Half-Marathon: You Can Do It

Beginner Half Marathon Trainer by Jon Ackland

This book for half marathon training shows you how to run your best time without injury or time-intensive training. It teaches you how to: Mentally prepare, Train smarter, Improve speed and endurance, Properly nourish your body, Pace your self.

To buy this book go to Amazon at: Beginner’s Half-Marathon Trainer: The 14-Week Program to Completing a Half-Marathon in Your Best Time

2010 Marine Corps Marathon Photos & Picture

The 2010 Marine Corps Marathon is over and I have just seen pictures from the race. The runners showed grit and determination. The best quote of the day came from the winner,

I was told to run the first 20 miles with my head and the last six with my heart,” Bradosky said, “and that worked very well. Air Force 2nd Lt. Jacob Bradosky, Winner 2010 Marine Corps Marathon.

2010 Marine Corps Marathon Race Photos & Pictures.

Photo Courtesy of Carol Joynt

For more picture from 2010 Marine Corps Marathon go to

Carol Joynt Marine Corps photos

Washington Post Marine Corps Pictures Gallery

The 26.2-mile race, was ran by a record 21,856 finishers. They started at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington and passed the major monuments downtown. There was also a 10K race for those runners who thought a 42K marathon was too much for their liking.

Half Marathon Race Water Drinking Tips

If you asking for the amount of water you should drink before, during and after running half marathon race then this guide will help calculate the right amount.

The question how much water you should drink during a half marathon race depends on 5 factors

1. Your weight
2. How much you sweat
3. The weather of the day
4. The distance
5. Level of experience

Weight and How much water to drink

The leaner you are the less water you require.  If you have watched Kenyan runners run a marathon you might noticed they don’t drink a lot of water, it could be something to do with their lean bodies.

How much you sweat
Runners who happen to have a high rate of sweating will require to drink a lot of water to replace the lost water.

The weather of the day.
When the weather is hot, the rate of sweating is high and you get dehydrated faster. At the 2007 Chicago marathon the race had to be suspended after one runner died and many marathon runners taken to hospital suffering from heat exhaustion. The temperatures were abnormally high and runners complained that there wasn’t enough water stations.

Level of Experience
While elite runner like Kenenisa Bekele can do a mad rush at 10,000 metres without additional water on the way, the same cannot be said of fun runners doing a weekend 10K family fun day.

To know exactly how much water to drink, I recommend you take a sweat test.

The more you train, the fitter you become and you body is able to use water efficiently.

Keep in mind drinking too much water while running can be lethal, at worst too much water can kill, see my post dangers of drinking too much water.

Weekend Half & Full Marathon Photos & Pictures

It was a great weekend of marathon running, I found pictures from some of marathon races that happened over the weekend.

2010 Hyannis Marathon Race photos & Pictures

The local paper had a great photo taken at the start of the race : a picture of Dad with his wheel chair bound son just ahead of the leading pack. See photo at cod times site

2010 Gasparilla Half & Full Marathon photos & Pictures

The notable thing about thsi race was the 41 year old winner, Terri Rejimbai won the womens half in a time of 1 hr 22 mins. See pictures at st petersburg website

2010 Cowtown marathon photos & pictures

The largest running field over the weekend, 21000 runners turned up. I wondered why the winner had a slow finish time in the low 2:30s. This picture tells it all

See more pictures at flickr

2010 Standard Chartered Hong Kong marathon photos & pictures

See photo of the winner at peoples website

2010 Austin Marathon Race Photos & Pictures

“Run Austin Love Austin”that is one of the best marathon slogans have heard

According to race officials, 4,500 marathoners and a record number of 9,000 half-marathoners participated in 2010 Austin Marathon.

The race having fell on valentine day there was alot of roses at the finish line.

I found 2010 Austin Race photos at Flickr. The photos were awesome, the type you would love to keep in sports photos library or sports photos books.

Check out more photos at flickr andrew photo stream

2010 Surf City Marathon Race Photos & Pictures

It’s definitely a special experience. It’s about seeing and testing your limits. Winner 2010 Surf city USA marathon.

20,000 runners took part in 2010 Surf City marathon along the seaside streets of Huntington Beach. The Orange County Register posted some awesome photos from the race.

Checkout more surf city marathon photos at register gallery

2010 Dubai Marathon Results : Haile Gebrselassie Dubai Marathon

The 2010 Stanchart Dubai marathon was beamed live on Satellite TV and I woke early morning to watch Haile Gebrselassie make another history by breaking his own marathon record.

It wasn’t to be

His highness Haile Gebrselassie came first at 2010 Stanchart Dubai Marathon. His winning time was 2hr 6min 9sec, just over two minutes outside his best. At 36 I think that is impressive time.

The Mystery of a Stiff Back!!

Believe it or not according to news coming from Dubai: Haile Gebrselassie woke up with a stiff back and had to be given intensive physiotherapy hours before the race. He fell asleep while watching television and woke up with a stiff back!!!!

The man was lucky he even managed to sleep on the night before the race, personally I never sleep before a marathon race.

Gebrselassie took the fatty $250,000 first prize (missing the $i Million bonus for breaking the record) ahead of Kenya’s Chala Dechase Beyene, and his Ethiopian compatriot Eshetu Wendimu Tisge finished third.

Mamitu Daska Molisa made it an Ethiopian cleansweep of titles as she won the women’s race in 2hr 24min 18sec, eight seconds ahead of Aberu Kebede Shewaye.

Disney Marathon Race Photos : Pictures

The name Disney means Fun and that is what you expect from World Disney marathon.

These pictures from world disney marathon speak for themselves

And the winner was………………

Adriano Bastos fo Brazil