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2011 Las Vegas Marathon Pictures : Photos

Over 40,000 runners hit the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday night for the sold out 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and half Marathon, this was the largest night time race in the world.

With the race being held at night, you have to assume it was difficult taking pictures. Night pictures don’t look great unless you have descent camera and you are an equally talented photo taker.

I managed to find some awesome pictures from 2011 Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon.

Kate Gosselin at 2011 Las Vegas marathon. Picture courtesy of celebrity-gossip.net.

For collection of photos from 2011 Las Vegas blog check out this hungry runner girl blog. She also has well written race report of her 2011 Las Vegas half marathon.

2011 New York Marathon Pictures : Photos

Each fall, the New York City Marathon results in streets lined with New Yorkers cheering for strangers to run. Among the cheering class are guys who capture the moment in pictures.

Photo courtesy of run dangerous blog. Check out his photos and his 2011 New York race report.

For pictures of 2011 New York marathon go to

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2011 San Francisco Marathon Pictures & Photos

25000 runners took part in 2011 San Francisco marathon. As the runners did their thing they were cheered on by an almost 100,000 spectators. Known for its beautiful scenic views, The San Francisco Marathon presented by Wipro is the only race that runs in the roadbed of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a loop course that starts at the Ferry Building before finishing in front of Cupid’s Arrow.

2011 San Francisco Marathon Photos & Pictures

One photography by the name, Sam Beach captured some amazing pictures from 2011 San Francisco marathon. See Sam beach 2011 SFM Photo stream.

More Pictures From 2011 San Francisco Half Marathon go to, SF Gate San Francisco.

Boston Marathon 2011 Photos & Pictures

What a race! The men’s marathon record fell! The following picture will live in our memories. He looks like he has just come from a Jog down the street on a host sunny day!

Geoffrey Mutai crossed the finish line to win the 115th Boston Marathon. Mutai, from Kenya, finished with a new world record time time of 2:03:02. Picture courtesy of Boston Globe.

To see hundreds of photos from 2011 Boston marathon, visit Boston Globe 2011  Boston Marathon Coverage in pictures.

London Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos

London marathon 2011 was magnificent. Both the men’s and women’s races proved to be among the best ever.” The winners were flying! The pictures and Photos from 2011 London Marathon will make the race one to remember.

Picture courtesy of SKY News UK

To See More London Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos go to : –

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ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos

Pictures and Photos have been streaming in from ABN AMRO Rotterdam marathon 2011. Unlike previous years when the weather was horrendous, this years it was a no rain race.
Rotterdam Marathon 2011

The so-called “Magnificent Seven” Vincent Kipruto, Eliud Kiptanui, Wilson Chebet, Gilbert Kirwa (all Kenya), Feyisa Lilesa, Getu Feleke and Chala Dechase (all Ethiopian). They were tipped to break the world record! Image courtesy of Guus Krol @ Flicker.

To see more  Rotterdam Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos visit Guus Krol Flickr Page. also see Kroobie Flickr Page.

2011 Paris Marathon Pictures & Photos

With sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60s, 2011 Paris Marathon runners had perfect conditions to set a PR or get a memorable Paris marathon picture / photo.

I found some remarkable Paris Marathon pictures and photos by a guy called David.
Marathon de Paris 2011

Photo courtesy of David @ Flickr.

To see more pictures & Photos from 2011 Paris Marathon Visit David Flickr Photostream.

Half Marathons San Francisco

San Francisco, California is one of the few U.S states with marathon and half marathon events all round the year. The following are half marathon events across the state of California.

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run San Francisco

This half marathon is held in February – Runner’s World magazine ranked San Francisco’s Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K one of the country’s most scenic half marathon races.

For registration, race results & half marathon photos check out the official race website

Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half Marathon & 7-Mile Race

The Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half Marathon & 7-Mile race is held in the first week of April. The race is virtually all trails, including Sausalito’s Coastal Trail, Wolf Springs Trail, Old Springs Trail, Marincello Trail and Rodeo Valley Trail.

To register, get race results or golden gate marathon photos visit the event website.

San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathons & 5K

San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathons & 5K is held in July. There are actually two half-marathon events to choose from at this race, as runners may run either the first or the second 13.1 miles of the full marathon course.

To register, get race results or San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathons & 5K photos and pictures visit event website.

Giant Race Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, San Francisco.

If you are a fun of San Francisco giants this is the race for you. The runners finish the race literally by crossing home plate inside San Francisco’s gorgeous AT&T Park, the home of its Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants.

The race is held in the last weekend of August.

To register, get results or get Giant Race Half Marathon photos and pictures visit official race website.

Lake Merced Half Marathon & 4.5-Mile Run San Francisco

This half marathon takes place in September. The course takes runners along the pedestrian & jogging path that runs around San Francisco’s Lake Merced Municipal Park.

To register, check race results race photos and pictures visit race website.

Nike Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon San Francisco

This women only event attracts 20,000 women runners. To register, check race results and race photos and pictures visit race website.

US Half Marathon, San Francisco.

A fantastic race, most of the race course is fairly fast and flat, though there are some challenging, hilly stretches around the mid-point of the course. The US half is held in November. To register visit the race website.

North Face Endurance Challenge Trail Run Half Marathon San Francisco.

This half marathon race is held in December. Part of four trail races. North Face Endurance Challenge trail race features a 50-mile, 50K and 10K race in addition to the 13.1-mile half marathon.

To register, get race results visit North Face Endurance race website.

2011 L. A. Marathon Pictures : Photos

It was a rainy 2011 Honda L.A marathon but the rain was not stopping anyone especially the photographers. The following are my favorite pictures from 2011 L.A marathon.

Female Winner Buzunesh Deba kisses her husband at the finish line. Source, huffingtonpost

The beautiful story of the day: Kelly Gneiting finished Sunday’s Los Angeles Marathon in 9 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds, probably establishing a Guinness world record for someone his size. Source, L.A. Times blog.

Dubai Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos

Standard Chartered Bank Dubai Marathon 2011 took place yesterday and the Kenyans came tops. I found some awesome pictures from Dubai Marathon 2011. The photos were taken by a spectator on the Dubai marathon course, and uploaded on Flickr.

To see more pictures like the one below, from 2011 Dubai Marathon, visit Keskinm Flickr page.