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Signs Of Heart Attack When Running Marathon

There have been a couple recent deaths in marathon races. In 2011 marathon deaths have been reported of a 35-year old in Chicago, 32 year old in San Antonio, 27 year old in Toronto, 32 year old in Montreal, and a 58 year old in savannah. These deaths are making some runners now worry about running long distance races?

I remember reading an article in NYT about this issue of runners dying from heart attack a few years ago. One of the conclusions was “The risk of dying on a marathon course is twice as high if you drive it than if you run it”.

Runners World magazine resident doctor wrote on this topic (Heart attacks) and he adviced all runners to look out for the following tale tell signs of an imminent heart attack when running.

Listen to your body and stop for chest pain or pressure; pain or pressure in your arm, neck, or jaw; skipping or irregular heart beat; or unusual breathlessness, loss of energy, or fatigue.

If you have an event, like blacking out or feeling dizzy while exercising or feeling your heart flutter or race, report it to your physician for evaluation. Also be aware that “heartburn” during exercise may not be from your stomach and can be your heart.



Half Marathons San Francisco

San Francisco, California is one of the few U.S states with marathon and half marathon events all round the year. The following are half marathon events across the state of California.

Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run San Francisco

This half marathon is held in February – Runner’s World magazine ranked San Francisco’s Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & 5K one of the country’s most scenic half marathon races.

For registration, race results & half marathon photos check out the official race website

Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half Marathon & 7-Mile Race

The Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half Marathon & 7-Mile race is held in the first week of April. The race is virtually all trails, including Sausalito’s Coastal Trail, Wolf Springs Trail, Old Springs Trail, Marincello Trail and Rodeo Valley Trail.

To register, get race results or golden gate marathon photos visit the event website.

San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathons & 5K

San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathons & 5K is held in July. There are actually two half-marathon events to choose from at this race, as runners may run either the first or the second 13.1 miles of the full marathon course.

To register, get race results or San Francisco Marathon, Half Marathons & 5K photos and pictures visit event website.

Giant Race Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, San Francisco.

If you are a fun of San Francisco giants this is the race for you. The runners finish the race literally by crossing home plate inside San Francisco’s gorgeous AT&T Park, the home of its Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants.

The race is held in the last weekend of August.

To register, get results or get Giant Race Half Marathon photos and pictures visit official race website.

Lake Merced Half Marathon & 4.5-Mile Run San Francisco

This half marathon takes place in September. The course takes runners along the pedestrian & jogging path that runs around San Francisco’s Lake Merced Municipal Park.

To register, check race results race photos and pictures visit race website.

Nike Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon San Francisco

This women only event attracts 20,000 women runners. To register, check race results and race photos and pictures visit race website.

US Half Marathon, San Francisco.

A fantastic race, most of the race course is fairly fast and flat, though there are some challenging, hilly stretches around the mid-point of the course. The US half is held in November. To register visit the race website.

North Face Endurance Challenge Trail Run Half Marathon San Francisco.

This half marathon race is held in December. Part of four trail races. North Face Endurance Challenge trail race features a 50-mile, 50K and 10K race in addition to the 13.1-mile half marathon.

To register, get race results visit North Face Endurance race website.

Download Paris Marathon : Route : Map : Course

Paris marathon course has been designed to give runners a good view of the magnificent city and some of its famous sights. Some of the attractions along the route are Champs Elysées, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Place de la Bastille.

Paris Marathon Start area

The course starts out right in front of the Triumphal Arch and continues down the broad Champs Elysées. The route passes through two Parisian woods and past fabulous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Place de la Bastille.

Paris Marathon Finish Area

Paris marathon finishes at Avenue Foch

Picture of Paris Marathon Route : Map : Course

Image courtesy of Paris Marathon

To download the image just right click the image and click save.

To download a PDF file of Paris Marathon with route details such as refreshment points, sponges, kilometre points etc. Go To Paris Marathon Map.

Dubai Marathon 2011 Pictures & Photos

Standard Chartered Bank Dubai Marathon 2011 took place yesterday and the Kenyans came tops. I found some awesome pictures from Dubai Marathon 2011. The photos were taken by a spectator on the Dubai marathon course, and uploaded on Flickr.

To see more pictures like the one below, from 2011 Dubai Marathon, visit Keskinm Flickr page.

New York Marathon Course Map 2010

2010 New York Marathon is happening next week on Sunday and I have been looking at the route map.

To watch an interactive NYC marathon route map go to ASICS NYC Marathon Map

To download New York Marathon Map go to Active NYC Map Download

Just like the previous years the course runs through all five boroughs of New York City.

It begins on Staten Island near the approach to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The runners cross the bridge.

After descending the bridge, the course winds through Brooklyn for approximately the next eleven miles. At 13.1 miles, runners cross the Pulaski Bridge, marking the halfway point of the race and the entrance into Long Island City, Queens. After about two and a half miles in Queens, runners cross the East River on the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan. The climb up the bridge is considered one of the most difficult points in the marathon.

Reaching Manhattan after about 16 miles, the race proceeds north on First Avenue, then crosses briefly into The Bronx via the Willis Avenue Bridge for a mile before returning to Manhattan via the Madison Avenue Bridge. It then proceeds south through Harlem down Fifth Avenue and into Central Park. At the southern end of the park, the race proceeds across Central Park South for the last mile. At Columbus Circle, the race re-enters the park and finishes outside Tavern on the Green.

Additional Source of Information Courtesy of Wikipedia NYC Marathon Page

2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Full & Half Marathon Photos : Pictures

I have been looking all over the web for pictures from 2010 Rite Aid Cleveland Full & Half Marathon Photos & Picture and at last found them. See cleveland marathon pictures @ local radio photo gallery

The race was  run by impressive crowd of 15,000 runners. The race was made up of 5k run, 10k run, half marathon and a full marathon. Cleveland marathon course is billed as one of the fastest and flattest  in US. Other attractions are, great weather and a newly redesigned course that runs past major city attractions like  the rock and  roll hall of fame.

London Marathon Course : Route : Map

The London Marathon is an eye catching city marathon ran around the beautiful city of London. The marathon is set over a largely flat course around the river themes.(The large blue meandering border is River Themes)

This is how the route is described at wikipedia

The course begins at three separate points around Blackheath at 115 ft above sea level, on the south of the River Thames, and heads east through Charlton. The three courses converge after three miles in Woolwich, where the Royal Artillery Barracks is passed.

As the runners reach the 6-mile mark, they pass by the Old Royal Naval College and head towards Cutty Sark drydocked in Greenwich. Heading next into Surrey Quays in the Docklands, and out towards Bermondsey, competitors race along Jamaica Road before reaching the half-way point as they cross the Tower Bridge. Running east again along The Highway through Wapping, competitors head up towards Limehouse and into Mudchute in the Isle of Dogs via Westferry Road, before heading into Canary Wharf.

As the route leads away from Canary Wharf into Poplar, competitors run west down Poplar High Street back towards Limehouse and on through Commercial Road. They then move back onto The Highway, onto Lower and Upper Thames Streets.. Heading into the final leg of the race, competitors pass St Paul’s Cathedral on Ludgate Hill. In the penultimate mile along The Embankment, the London Eye comes into view, before the athletes turn right into Birdcage Walk to complete the final 385 yards, catching the sights of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and finishing in The Mall alongside St. James’s Palace

Source Wikipedia London Marathon page

To See and Download a Google street view map click here

Steamtown Marathon : Your Easy Ticket To Boston Marathon

If you are looking for a fast and easy marathon course to qualify for Boston Marathon, then you may consider Steamtown marathon. In fact, in 2006, 28 percent of all runners qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Reasons why Steamtown marathon is your answer for that elusive Boston marathon qualifier time.

What the press is saying

Runner’s World has called this race “One of the nation’s 10 fastest marathons.” The Running Times magazine reported that runners at Steamtown have finished faster than the national average for several years in a row.Running USA determined that Steamtown’s 2005 median time was at least 30 minutes faster than the national average and was the fastest of any 2005 U.S. marathon with at least 1,000 finishers.

What the runners have to say.

In a Runnersworld thread some runners reported to have set new PRs by upto 15mins.

The Steamtown marathon course

The course is not just flat it is downhill all the way (not the whole route but atleast most of the route) bad for quads but good for those who have prepared to run down hill.

The Perfect Scranton Pennsylvanian Weather

The race is held every October, when temperatures are relatively cool and the fall foliage is beginning to peak.

What the organizers promise

“The key to running Steamtown is managing the hills,” Cummings said. “Much of the first eight miles features significant downhills while the last few miles include several short, but challenging uphills. Many runners have set personal records here by wide margins. Others however, have failed to prepare for the hills and have crashed and burned, wondering how anyone could call Steamtown fast.”

For More information on race information, register, registratioon fee, visit steamtown marathon site

Marine Corps Marathon : Running Tips : Training Tips

Marine Corps Marathon is a must sought marathon by runners. Marine Corps is popularly known as “the peoples marathon”. The traditional Marine Corps Marathon course is 26.2 miles and a 10K race also allows runners of all ages to join in a shorter 6.2 mile event.

Training & Running Tips for Marine Corps marathon

1. Train hard but remember to take a rest.

2. If a day or two of training is missed due to injury or illness or other reason, don’t try to cram two days of training into one. Lost days are simply days.

3. Train at your projected marathon pace.

4. Try to train at the time of the day the race starts and in the predicted weather condition as much as possible.

5. Do the long runs.

6. Remember to stretch

7. Do speed works round a track, it just makes your legs feel better.

8. Listen to your body, If you feel tired take a rest, if you feel pain go easy, if the pain is too much stop running.

9. Remember to stay hydrated.

10. Remember to have fun.

How to Attract More Marathon Entrants To A Race

Marathon business is a competitive business. In the USA alone over 400 marathons are organised each year targeting something like 400,000 runners.

The big marathons such as New York Marathon, Boston marathon and the Chicago marathon have no problem attracting runners, they dont even need to spend alot on marketing because it is the runners that come to them. But for many marathon races how to attract runners is a big headache.

Any race director who is organising a marathon and is wondering how he can attract more runners needs to read the following case studies. I read them from raonoke dot com.

Case Studies of formers struggling marathons and how they solved the problem

The Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee

The race started 10 years ago with hilly course, and participation fell off from 7,500 the first year to 6,300 the second year, said Adam Zocks, the race’s general manager. Organizers flattened the course and added a half-marathon. Last year, the races had a combined 31,000 participants.

The Mount Rushmore Marathon.

The mount Rushmore marathon in the black hills of South dakota which had a mountainous course has seen steady growth in recent years, says Steve Kurtenbach, president of All Sports Central, which organizes the race. He attributed part of that to adding a second, easier marathon course that now draws more runners than the original.

From this two case studies is clear that if the marathon course is hilly and tough a marathon race will find it difficult attracting willing runners, if a race directors manages to convince some novice local runners to participate, they will have a hard time such that they will not participate again.

But what about a race that with an easy flat course but struggles to attract runners.

Few marathon race can survive on local participation. The race director and the organisers must target runners from out of town. To get out of town runners to come the organisers must give them a good reason, rather than the marathon alone, as to why they should visit the town.

Like the organisers of country music marathon added “part of the Country Music Marathon’s success was people realizing that Nashville was a great destination apart from the race.”

Another well market marathon is the Suntrust Richmond marathon, the marathon targets first time marathon runners with the tagline “America’s most friendliest marathon”