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Lance Armstrong Heart Rate

Lance Armstrong has a resting heart rate of 32-34 beats per minute (bpm) with a maximum heart rate of 201 bpm.
The average healthy person has a resting heartbeat of between 60 – 70 bpm.

Nike + Plus Ipod Running Shoes : Nike + Model Shoes

The Nike + plus running shoes are shoes from Nike that comes with a pouch for a sensor device from Nike that calculates the distance traveled, pace and calories burned by a runner.

Not all Nike shoes come with a ready made pouch for fitting the sensor, runners are advised to buy Nike+ model shoes.

One Nike+ model shoe is these Nike Men’s Air Max Moto + 6 shoes.

Once a runner purchase the gear he can register with official Nike Plus website to store his workouts.

Nike Plus does all these little things, like when you do your longest or fastest run, Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods comes on and congratulates you on your iPod. So, you’re thinking while you’re running, I’m not going to get Tiger Woods unless I run really fast or long.

Sources of Quercetin : Foods With Quercetin

Quercetin is an energy boosting supplement that was made famous by FRS Energy drink. The energy boosting drink was endorsed by Lance Armstrong and everyone in cycling and running community became curious on what was inside.

One of the ingredients inside FRS Energy drink is Quercetin. In a lab study, Quercetin was been shown to increase energy expenditure in rat which made some people to suspect it might have a similar effect on humans. Although FRS claims it works, many people disagree but some swear by it.

If you believe in it or want to give it a try, you can get it naturally or take the supplement.

Natural Sources of Quercetin

To get more quercetin you can increase your intake of the following foods that are thought to have quercetin: –

  • Apple skins
  • Onions,
  • Tea,
  • Red wine.
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Berries
  • Herbs such as ginkgo and St. John’s wort

Quercetin Supplement

One advantage of buying a supplement is ;  Quercetin is available in higher amounts in dietary supplements than would typically be found in food sources. I guess you would need to eat a basket of Apples just to get the same amount of quercetin in a tablet.

Supplements are sold as capsules or tablets or in drink form like in the case of FRS energy drink.

A word of caution, before taking any supplement consult with your doctor.

Lance Armstrong Nutritional Plan : Lance Diet Program

Chris Carmichael was Lance Armstrong coach since 1990 and he is the one who designed his nutritional program that powered the Texan to eight Tour De France victories.

The goal of the nutritional program was to ensure Lance Armstrong remained lean and powerful.

The coach looked at the demands of his training and lifestyle and used that information to design his nutrition program.

Off season training diet

During the fall and winter Lance trained at moderate intensity. To fuel this level of training, he didnt need as many calories as he does at the height of the racing season. He ate less food during this time. 60% of his calories came from carbohydrates. Protein was added into the mix

Training for The Tour De France.

AS the tour neared, the coach altered the nutritional program. Lance ate more food and 70% of his calories came from carbohydrates because he needed the fast-burning fuel to power his aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Protein intake was reduced.

As adopted from NBC article to read the full article click the link.

Lance Armstrong Return: Motivation : Inspiration

At 36, Lance Armstrong has quit retirement and boldly declared he has his sights set firmly on the Tour de France in 2009.  I love that, people who dream big!

When asked if being over 35 his best days might be behind him (only one rider older than 34 has ever won the Tour—36-year-old Firmin Lambot in 1922). His answer showed the people he had looked at for inspiration and motivation;

“Look at the Olympics,” he said. “You have a swimmer like Dara Torres. Even in the 50m (freestyle) the 41-year-old mother proved you can do it,” he told vanityfair magazine.

“The woman who won the Beijing Olympic marathon (Romanian Constantina Tomescu) was 38. Older athletes are performing very well. Ask serious sports physiologists and they’ll tell you age is a wives’ tale.”

Age is no barrier to an elite sports career the biggest barrier to success is our own doubts.

An Endurance Athlete Heart

As an endurace athlete, you will develop an athlete’s heart which is very different to the non athlete’s heart. You will have;

  • Low resting pulse rate of under 50 beats per minute – Scientifically referred to as Bradycardia.
  • Thickening of the heart muscle wall
  • X-ray reveals an enlarged heart
  • Blood tests shows raised muscle enzymes

The above for the average person (non-athlete) indicate a probable heart block, hypertension or heart failure.

Should you need to go into hospital or see your doctor, you should inform them you are an endurance athlete.

My Doctor told me, Athlete’s heart also known as athletic heart syndrome is a medical syndrome in which the human heart is enlarged due to excessive amounts of exercise. Common in athletes who exercise more than an hour almost every day and occasionally in heavy weight trainers, this syndrome is believed to be a benign condition.

How an Athlete Heart  Develops

During intensive, prolonged endurance- and strength-training, the body signals the heart to pump more blood through the body to counteract the oxygen deficit building in the skeletal muscles. Enlargement of the heart is a natural physical adaptation of the body to deal with the high pressures and large amounts of blood that can affect the heart during these periods of time. After time, these pressures cause the muscle mass, wall thickness, and chamber size of the left ventricle of the heart to increase.

Fitness Test: 10 Test to Check How Fit You are

After a long summer break, teams playing in the English Soccer Premier league have been getting their players fit for the new season. Top teams such as Manchester united, Asernal F.C, Chelsea F.C and Liverpoool F.C have a strict fitness test to see whether a players’ off season involved too many pints or he is still a goal machine.

I was tidying up my bedroom when I came across a 2005 copy of Mens Health magazine which had the following fitness test by Dr. Charlotte Cowie, head of medical services at Tottenham Hotspsur FC.

1. Fitness of Your Knees  

Sore and painful knees are a bad sign. Swelling or wasting can indicate problems especially with cruciate ligaments of knee cartilage. Such problems require professional attention.

2. Ankle Fitness Test

Are they aching? Ankle wear and tear is inevitable in sports. But accelerated degeneration is a red light. Look for swelling or poor movement.

To restore strength stand on one leg, shut your eyes, and try to hold it. Do a minute on each leg.

3. Groin Muscle Fitness Test

Groin injuries result from over use of the adductor muscles. Recovery mainly requires rest. Beware sit-ups, which can exacerbate groin strain.

4. Do Sprints to Test your Fitness

A fit soccer player should be able to sprint 10m in under two seconds.

5. Vertical Jump Test  

How high you can jump is a sign of how fit you are. The higher the better.

6. A bleep Test

A bleep test basically measures aerobic capacity.

7. How easily can you stand on one leg

Good athletes need to have good balance. Improve yours by standing on one leg while you are brushing your teeth.

8. Your resting heart rate

As an endurance athlete you develop an athlete’s heart which is different to the non athletes heart. Athletes have a low resting pulse rate of under 50 beats per minute.

9. Blood Pressure Test

If you have a very high blood pressure, its worth investigating

10. Your Body Fat Test

The body fat of a top player is 9%. Being lighter saves a runner tons of energy. Lance Armstrong plans to show up at 2008 NYC marathon 4Kg lighter than last year. The lighter you are the faster you can run.

Cadel Evans : Cyclist Slips at a wet Floor and Could Miss Beijing Olympics

The sports pages of my morning paper had the following story. “Tour de France runner-up Cadel Evans could miss Beijing Summer Olympics after he pulled out on Thursday after injuring his knee when he slipped on a wet floor at a team dinner in Paris.”

How could that happen? It was only a dinner party not a drinking party!

Keep in mind the team dinner was organized in Paris and the French have a culture of serving  alcohol (Wine) with food. I think Australian Cadel must have drunk more than he ate!

Lance Armstrong Training Plan For 2008 New York Marathon

The June issue of Runners World magazine (RW South African Edition) had a detailed plan of how Lance Armstrong plans to run November 2008 New York marathon in the low 2:30s.

In 2006 Lance finished NYC marathon in 2.59, in 2007  he jumped to 2.46, his coach, Chris Carmichael shared the following weekly training plan for his client on how to train for a 2.30 marathon.


60 minutes  hard cross-country with repeats between 30 seconds to five minutes or 30 second pick ups on small hill. Alternative track work outs: 12 x 400 or 6 x 800 at 1.15 to 1.20 per lap.


2 hour night mountain bike ride


12 to 16Km tempo run at 3.19 pace.




3 to 4 hour road ride


Long run or ride and a rest day. Long runs are about 24Km and may go up to 32Km

Lance: How to Train for Your first Marathon

Interesting stuff from the article was how Lance Armstrong trained for his first marathon: 5 – 8kms three times a week; His longest run was 21K!

Chris Carmichael Advice to runners :-

If your goal is to run a fast race 

Do at least one, but ideally two, fast-paced runs a week.  These prolonged periods at hard but sustainable intensity train your aerobic and muscular systems to run faster or longer before fatiguing.

Be consistent

Many runners have a lot going on in their life. When you’re running low on time, a short run is better than no run.

Stay lean

Being lighter saves a runner tons of energy.

“I have to have something that forces me out the door. I can sit around for a year and do a 10-K, no problem, even a half marathon. But the marathon is scary and intimidating enough that you can’t just phone that in. You have to train” Lance Armstrong

Pain is temporary 

Mike Huckabee Boston Marathon Time

Former Republican presidential contender, Mike Huckabee was in the news this week for saving the life of a choking politician. Mike is not a stranger to heroics, I remember in February this year he took a break from his busy campaign schedule to train for April 2008 Boston marathon.

After Huckabee dropped out of the running to be the Republican nominee, he went out of the news and I forgot he was supposed to run Boston marathon.

It’s after this save a life incident by Huckabee that I checked his Boston Marathon finishing time. The official position is that Mike didn’t post a time. Was he disqualified? No. It turns out he dropped out a few days before the race, claiming a knee injury.

Better luck next time.