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Carlsband Marathon Photos : Images : Pictures

Carlsband marathon happened yesterday and a field of 8000 marathon runners did the half and the full Carlsbadn marathon.

I checked the cyber space for some great pictures form Carlsband marathon and I found them at North county times site. See the images here

2010 PF Chang Arizona Marathon Photos : Images : Pictures

You can feel the speed in this photos of the pace setters at 2010 Rock and Roll Arizona marathon

Terefe Yee Winner of 2010 PF Chang Arizona Marathon

To see more images of 2010 Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon visit flickr page of Johnkit

Chevron Houston Marathon 2010 Photos : Images : Pictures

The last runner to cross the finish line at the 2010 Chevron Houston Marathon was Diane Kassab (56) her finish time was 6 hours, 1 minute and 5 seconds.

When asked by houston chronicle why she took so long to complete the race, this was her reply

It was fun. The spirit is tremendous,” said Kassab, of Houston. “I danced to every band. That was probably my mistake.

Another interesting observation was that the former US president George H. W. Bush was at Mile 19 to give all runners a hand shake. I think that was brilliant of him.

I tried to find photos from houston marathon 2010 and I found them at Flickr, see all pictures at stratblues page.

New York Marathon 2009 : Race Photos & Images & Pictures

The 2009 New York Marathon was as colorful as always. Although we celebrate the runners we forget the spectators who equally do a magnificent job of taking photos.

For me, two Images stood out from the 2009 NYC marathon.

This Frenchman who came along with the Eiffel tower.

2 new york marathon 2009I hope it was made of fibre glass!!!…….From Jim @ Flickr

And this one,

1 new York marathon 2009Serious Men at Work

Image courtesy of Randy Lemoine, See his flickr collection by Randy lemoine