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Nike Free Barefoot Running Shoe

The first time I had that Nike have barefoot running shoe, I imagined it being something like a foot glove. In reality, Nike Free Barefoot running shoe looks just like any other Nike sneaker.

Image Courtesy of sneaker news

Nike Free, Barefoot running shoe was designed to mimic the feel of barefoot running. Nike free barefoot running shoe engages the muscles of the feet, encourage good posture, and help train the wearer to land correctly.

Benefit of Nike Free Barefoot running shoe

The Nike Free Barefoot running shoes are designed to give you the benefits of barefoot running without sacrificing your feet.

Price of Nike Free Barefoot Running shoe

I checked various online stores and the price is just under $100

2010 Toronto Full & Half Marathon Pictures & Photos

I found some awesome pictures from 2010 Scotiabank Toronto Marathon. Toronto marathon has a tagline flat, fast & festive. From the images I have seen, I concur!

21,000 running fanatics took part in 2010 Toronto half and full marathon.

Image courtesy of Blogto.

To see more images of Toronto Marathon visit best of Toronto site.

2010 Bupa Great North Run : Pictures : Photos

The beauty of Bupa Great North run half marathon is the colour. Thousands of runners turn up in beautiful running costumes that makes the event picture perfect.

I have been looking around for some awesome pictures and photos from 2010 Bupa Great North Run half marathon and I found some great ones.

Image courtesy of xHKWx @flickr click to see more awesome pictures.

Another great location for 2010 Bupa Great North Run Pictures & Photos is the  BBC collection of celebrity runners at 2010 Bupa Great North Run Half marathon.

2010 New York Half Marathon Photos : Pictures

My favorite image from 2010 New York Half Marathon has to be seeing Deena Kastor storm ahead. I thought she was on course to tear down the course record only to fall apart on the dying stages.

Kastor charged into the lead from the beginning and established the pace for a women’s course record. But the veteran Mara Yamauchi of Britain broke it. She passed a fading Kastor at the 11 ½-mile mark on the West Side Highway, storming to first place in 1:09:25, 18 seconds faster than the 2006 record set by Catherine Ndereba. Kastor was second, in 1:09:43.

See More Photos of New York Half Marathon at Athlete Director Flickr Photostream

Shoe Type for Normal Medium Arch Foot

The Normal Medium Arch foot type is the most common type of foot among runners. If you take a wet test the following images describe a Normal Medium Arch foot.

neutral-footFrom the side a normal arch type foot should look like this image below.

Normal-foot-typeShoe type for Normal Arch Foot

According to Zappos website (No 1 shoe sellers) A runner with this type of foot should wear a stability shoe. These shoes have some medial support and good midsole cushioning. Because normal or medium arches are the most common foot type, most runners will need Stability shoes

Runners : Image Maasai Tire Sandals

Maasai are natural runners. Running long distances is in some ways a part of their culture and tradition. They’re used to heat and hills and to maintaining steady pace over long distance. They usually run in sandals made out of off-road tires. They call them “Michelins” or “Thousand Milers.” Photo of the a thousand milers maasai_warrior_tire_running_sandals_shoes

Usain Bolt Puma Running Spike : Material Of Bolt Shoes

Usain Bolt Puma Running spikes or shoe are known as Puma Theseus II spikes. Usain Bolt worked with Puma to develop the optimum running shoe.

Material Bolt Running Spike Shoe is made from.

Following this collaborative process, the complete Theseus II was born. Made from synthetic leather with an airmesh upper construction for maximum breathability, it enhances sprinting efficiency due to its stiffness of material.

Bolt of the blocks

Image courtesy of Puma Running.