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When To Stop Running With Worn Out Trainers

I have decided to stop my experiment of running on worn out trainers. I covered the experiment on my post on How to safely run on worn out trainers, risk and benefit.

Doing road Running on worn out trainers is painful to the feet and it increase the risk of suffering an injury. Despite knowing the risk involved I was trying to run in pain in attempt to build stronger legs. I thought the more I got used to the pain the stronger legs and better runner I would become.

My experiment was based on weight training principle, For a bodybuilder to build stronger and bigger muscles he has to shock his muscles with more pain.

After road running for three weeks in worn out trainers, my trainers have become so worn out such that I feel like am running barefoot. Although I posted how Ethiopian Abebe Bikila won 1960 Olympic Marathon running Barefoot, I don’t want to copy him.

Sign that you should buy new trainers

Yesterday morning I was forced to end my 10 K run midway. As soon as I started running my shoes felt light, a good sign that you should get a new pair of trainers, and after 2K of running I started feeling pain on my feet, I continued running I told myself the pain would go away. The pain kept increasing, starting on my feet, ankle and then my hip joints. By 5k my pace had slowed down and I just found myself walking.

That was the end of my experiment and now its the time to buy a new pair of trainers. Next week I will see whether the experiment really worked.