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End of the 4th Week of Marathon Training

After reflecting on my performance at 2007 Stanchart Nairobi marathon I have realised my biggest obstacle is lack of stamina for the last 10K of a marathon.  Running up to the 32k mark is no problem, the problem is the last 10K when your calves and ankle start aching as the lactic acid builds up in the body.The 32K mark is the point where most runners hit the wall.

If you read my training  plan for 2008 Nairobi marathon you will see it has focused on speed work during the week and one long run of 25 Р30K on Sunday morning. This has helped me build speed and endurance but I have neglected my calves.

I have decided to make changes to my training plan. Two days in a week I will be doing Hill repeats to try develop strong calves.

I will be starting with a 5-10 minutes run to warm up my muscles then run up and down a steep hill for thirty minutes.

Happy Training