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Cooling Down : The First Step of Recovery Process

If you have ever tried stopping suddenly at the end of your run you must remember how painful it felt. Most experts advice runners not to stop suddenly at the end of a run but to continue jogging to allow the heart rate to come down gradually.

Cooling down is the term used to describe an easy, full-body exercise that will allow the body to gradually transition from an exertional state to a resting or near resting state.

Importance of Cooling down

  1. Allows the heart rate return to it’s resting rate
  2. Helps remove lactic acid
  3. Allows the runner to mentally transition to non-exercise state.

How to cool down

  1. Slow jog
  2. Stretching
  3. Keep walking around.
  4. Drinking water

After the stress of running, cooling down is the first step in recovery process.