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Best Inspiring Story 2011 : Blind Marathon Winner Finishes Without Guide

The story of marathon runner, Amy McDonaugh, has to be one of the best inspiring stories for 2011.

Blind marathon winner Amy McDonaugh, from Irmo, South Carolina, finished Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio, in just under three hours.

McDonaugh’s 2 hour, 58 minute and 14 second win in the 26.2 mile guide was accomplished without a guide.

Though she has no peripheral vision, is blind in one eye and has poor vision in the other, McDonaugh was able to get the best woman’s time in the 13th annual Flying Pig Marathon.

How does she run “blind”?

After the win McDonaugh told reporters that she’s completely blind in her right eye and almost completely blind in the left. She makes her way through the crowds by watching the person directly in front of her. Once she was out in front she followed the lead pace car.

2010 Flying Pig Half Marathon Photos : Marathon Picture

The 2010 flying pig marathon was awesome. I found some good pictures and photos from flickr.I was looking for a runner running on a pig costume but I never found one. But I found this Image of an 8th Grade teacher next to a pig mascot.

Check Photos at Cincinnati 2010 flying pig marathon @ concyboys flickr page

More pictures @ 5chwas flickr page