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Running Tip : Learn How to Race With People

“I understand that I need to be able to run my own style of racing. I was up with the guys for a while, and then when I fell off, I was able to find my own rhythm and catch back up again. That was a big confidence boost for me, to know that just because people get away from you once, that you can still get back up to them. I need to learn how to race with people, but also how to run my own race.”

Ryan Hall, USA marathon runner explaining what he learnt  the first time he ran against top athletes at 2008 London Marathon.

Running and Your Faith

Mike Ratliff a Christian blogger wrote an interesting article about Christian faith and marathon running.

He begins by reminding Christians that a Christian walk is a race, but it is not a sprint nor is it a mile, It is a marathon.

Dealing with self doubts

The more I read the post the more I reflected on how similar a marathon is to a Christian life. As a runner I have faced temptations just like Jesus faced temptation 40 days in the wilderness. The difference between Jesus temptation and our temptation as runners is Jesus was fighting the devil/satan while in our case the battle is against our doubts and fear. The temptation to give up is strong especially at the 20 mile mark when you have run out of glycogen. It is my determination to finish that keeps me going.

Mike advices that you learn to be Spirit-filled; then as you draw near to the finish line you will discover that there will be multitudes awaiting you, cheering you on as you cross that finish line.

Running with God

At the start of a marathon I have seen many runners make a sign of the cross before the race. If you are a man or woman of faith, believing that God is behind you might keep you going.

Have a blessed sunday