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Best Energy Breakfast Food For Cyclist

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast. This is even more important for cyclist who need plenty of energy to power their rides.

A breakfast for a cyclist should be a feast. A large breakfast raises liver glycogen stores and blood glucose levels.

Many experts recommend the meal to be eaten at least three hours before you go out for your morning ride. The three hour period is enough time to allow ingestion.

Breakfast food types for cyclist

Food type should be easy to digest foods. Breakfast meal can consist of mainly of energy giving foods, cereal, dairy or soy milk, juice, and toast with plenty of carbohydrate rich jam. For the days when a rider does his long runs and hills he may add in some protein from eggs and egg whites, protein powder, and even add in a large bowl of rice and pasta.

Breakfast Drink for Riders

A fresh fruit juice will provide much needed energy. Caffein is the drink of choice for many Tour De France riders. Many Tour De France riders start the day with plenty of coffee to lift their brain power and energy levels. Moderate doses of caffeine should be well tolerated and provide a legal performance boost.