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Organic Eggs Are Healthier

I had always bought brown eggs but last year my neighborhood shopkeeper introduced me to white. He told me they were healthier without giving me details. He only told me the white eggs were supplied from a free range farm while the brown eggs came from a farmer who caged his chickens.

I did more research on this egg issue and I found out the difference between white eggs and brown eggs was hens with white feathers and earlobes lay white eggs and those with dark feathers and red earlobes lay brown eggs.

The free range chickens are left to roam around a farm feeding on grass and insects such as grasshoppers. And there is scientific evidence from Penn state university that proves that eggs from chickens that ate grass and insects contained higher levels of omega-3 fat, and vitamins E, A, and in some cases D.

It’s seems my neighbourhood shopkeeper was right.