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Celebrities Results 2010 New York City Marathon

2010 New York City had a large field of celebrity runners. The most famous celebrity runner this year was Chilean Miner Edison Pena. He was the star of day as he was cheered on from the start to the finish.

I was following a twitter feed and I remember reading the Chilean miner crossing the half way point on 2:07:47. But it went down hill from there for the Chilean, it took him a near four hours to run the other half, his final result was 5:40:54.

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2010 New York City Marathon Photos & Pictures

It was another brilliant New York City marathon. A record 45,000 marathon runners took part. The photos & pictures are breath taking!

I followed the event on TV and as usual the TV cameras focused on the elite runners. To see what was happening in the “peoples” marathon you have to turn to the internet.

Picture courtesy of Sarah Heiman, To see her 2010 NYC marathon pictures see Sarah Flickr Page

The following websites have amazing photos from 2010 New York City marathon

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Chilean Miner To Run New York City Marathon

Edison Peña, one of the Chilean miners who was stuck underground for 69 days will run 2010 New York City marathon.

Picture / photo of Edison Pena, Chilean Miner

Peña, 34, has accepted an all-expenses-paid invitation to participate in Sunday’s race.

The guy seems to be ready for the task, when they were trapped, the man stayed sane by running three to six miles in darkness every day in tunnels.

I will keep you posted on his finishing time.