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The Most Popular Performance Enhancing Drug In Sports

The most popular performance enhancing drug in sports is Caffeine. Caffeine has been proven to increase the number of fatty acids circulating in the bloodstream, which enables people to run or pedal longer.

As a result, caffeine, which is legal under International Olympic Committee rules, is the most popular drug in sports. More than two-thirds of about 20,680 Olympic athletes studied for a recent report had caffeine in their urine, with use highest among triathletes, cyclists and rowers.

Caffeine Increases Endurance In Running & Cycling

Scientists and many athletes have known for years, of course, that a cup of coffee before a workout jolts athletic performance, especially in endurance sports like distance running and cycling.

Caffeine Benefits in Weight Training & Muscle Building

Caffeine reduces adenosine levels, “which then enables more forceful muscular contractions and delays fatigue.

Caffeine Benefits in Soccer & Football

In a study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, soccer players dribbled, headed and kicked the ball more accurately if they’d had caffeine than if they hadn’t.

For More details check out the source: New York Times Health Reports

John Goodman Weight Loss Tips : How He Lost 100 Pounds

When you have been overweight all your life it is very easy to say I was born like that and there is now way I can loose weight. John Goodman, the famous actor, is evidence with will power nothing is impossible. Three years of hard work has seen him lose some amazing 100 pounds.

One thing I loved about this story, it was nice to see a celebrity lose that much weight without drugs, some fancy diet or surgery.

John Goodman Fitness Tips

The actor shared his weight loss tips with Mens Health magazine,  He quit drinking three years ago, hired a health coach, exercises six days a week now and doesn’t eat sugar.

Cardiovascular/ Aerobic exercises on Elliptical Machine

Because of painful knees he couldn’t do outdoor running so his workouts included aerobic exercises on the elliptical machine and recumbent bike. He also did a lot of strength training with resistance bands, and boxing twice a week.

Thats it!

Muthuka : Kenyan Runner Banned for Doping

Elizabeth Muthuka, a Kenyan sprinter has been banned for two years for testing positive to banned substance nandrolone.

This news did not surprise me.

Back in July, Elizabeth made news headlines when she qualified for Olympics. Kenya is a country that produces long distance runners and when a sprinter emerges there is hullabaloo.  In a spun of a week the 33 year old broke two national records.

What caught my attention was not her record breaking times but her muscular body.

See for yourself

Elizabeth Muthuka during Olympic trials

I know a man who has spent years in the gym trying to get such muscles, after 4 years of lifting weights the man hasn’t made much progress.

According to Wikipedia  effects of  Nandrolone include muscle growth, appetite stimulation and increased red blood cell production and bone density.

In the hearing, Elizabeth admitted using the drug after she was advised to do so by her doctors.

Muthuka becomes the fourth female runner from Kenya to test positive. Others are Udine half marathon champion Pamela Chepchumba, former world cross country junior champion Lydia Cheromei and marathoner Susan Chepkemei.