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How To Set Realistic Running Goals

One reason why many aspiring runners never actualise their running goals is they set themselves unrealistic running goals. Saying I want to finish a 42K marathon in under 3 hours when you have never finished a marathon before is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Set small goals that are concrete, attainable, realistic.

Decide to go three miles, regardless how many times you walk, how many you run. Or go out for 15 minutes. Or set one lap around the block as your starting goal.

Set a Time Limit

Set dates for achieving your running goals. Do your first 5K in six months; your first marathon next year. This will prevent you from the curse of procrastination.

Set an Incentive

Make running a means to a higher purpose. Is it losing weight? Fitting into your wedding dress? Running a Full Under 4 hours? Set a goal, and suddenly you have incentive.

Now got out and run!

Valerie Bertinelli 2010 Boston Marathon

Staying thin is harder than trying to get thin.

The curse of dieting is that 90% of people who lose weight by dieting end up getting their old weight back. Tv star, Valerie Bertinelli managed to lose 40 pounds and she is determined to beat the curse. She is lacing up her running shoes and training to run at this year’s Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon is on 19 April for days shy of her 50th birthday. If she finishes the marathon that will be a perfect birthday gift to give herself.