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Elvis Running Costume Jumpsuits

Elvis jumpsuit costume is one of the most popular running costumes. If you imagine yourself in an Elvis jumpsuit or Elvis dress you can design the Elvis costume yourself or get a professional design an Elvis costume for you.

You can order an Elvis Costume from elvisrun.com. The website is run by Misty Johnson. A custom made jumpsuit or dress with a matching belt, starts at $100.

2010 Bupa Great North Run : Pictures : Photos

The beauty of Bupa Great North run half marathon is the colour. Thousands of runners turn up in beautiful running costumes that makes the event picture perfect.

I have been looking around for some awesome pictures and photos from 2010 Bupa Great North Run half marathon and I found some great ones.

Image courtesy of xHKWx @flickr click to see more awesome pictures.

Another great location for 2010 Bupa Great North Run Pictures & Photos is theĀ  BBC collection of celebrity runners at 2010 Bupa Great North Run Half marathon.

Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon Photos : Pictures

The Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Full & Half Marathon took to the streets of New Orleans on Sunday morning.

Forty-five bands rocked on 24 stages across the entire half-marathon and marathon courses.

16,000 runners came up dressed in the best marathon costumes that made it a good day for stock photos, sports photo galleries & sports photo library.

Special mention goes to Philip Lawrence, who made Sunday’s run his 107th marathon in 24 years.

One great photo from Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon was this one!

See More Mardi Gras race photos at Deessnke flickr photostream