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How To Start Running In Your 50s & Run Well

If you are age 50+ and you think you should start running as a new hobby, this story of 80 year old runner Bob Dolphin should inspire you.

Bob has finished 456 marathon, a total that includes 44 ultramarathons ranging from 31 to 101 miles.

Bob ran his first marathon in 1981 at a prime age of 51. An age when most naysayers would consider too old to think of running a marathon.

In an article in Seattle times Bob sums his love for the 26 miles, “I like the difficulty, the competition in my age class, the sociality among runners, the satisfaction I feel when I complete a race. That’s when I feel most of my runner’s high — when I can sit down and rest and don’t have to count down the miles anymore.”

Dolphin’s marathon milestones
Race No. Milestone Date Age Location Time
1 First marathon Sept. 1, 1981 51 Columbia, Mo. 3:53:45
56 Fastest Boston Marathon April 18, 1988 58 Boston 3:04:25
116 Longest run (101 miles) June 14, 1992 62 West Seattle 24 hours
317 Last time under 4 hours June 28, 2003 73 Eugene, Ore. 3:59:01
453 Fastest 2009 race Oct. 11, 2009 80 Victoria, B.C. 5:22:19
456 25th entry in Seattle Marathon Sunday 80 Seattle #