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Calories In Fast Food Meals

Last month issue of bussinessweek magazine had an interesting article on calories hidden in some of the popular fast foods.

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1. Large Tuna Melt Calories –

The Tuna Melt from Quiznos fast food is packed with 2,090 calories

2. Fish and Chips Calories

The famous fish and chips food is packed with 1,537 calories.

3. Double Six Dollar Burger calories

The double six dollar burger from Carls Jnr fast food is packed with 1520 calories

4. Large French fries calories

A large plate of french fries is packed with 1460 calories

5. Monster thick burger calories

The monster thick burger from 7hardees fast food is packed with 1460 calories.

6. Four piece chicken strip basket calories

This fast food from 6 dairy queen restaurant is packed with 1340 calories

7. Beef Taco Salad Calories

The beef taco salad is packed with 1280 calories

8. Triple whopper with cheese

The triple whooper with cheese from burger king is packed with 1250 calories

Low calories fast foods

9. Double Chicken & Cheese Sandwich Calories

This double chicken cheese sandwich has 738 calories

10. Sausage Biscuit Calories

The sausage biscuit 25 chill a Fill is packed with 590 calories