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Obama Skinny Legs and How to Build Big Calf Muscles

I share some stuff with President Barack Obama, our fathers were both born in Kenya, we both love running and lastly we both have skinny legs.

When Governor Anorld Shwasnigger was campaigning for Mccain in Pennyslavania heĀ  joked about Obama’s skinny calves. The Charismatic Carlifornia governor even had advice for Obama on what Obama needs to do, “he needs to do some squats!!”

When this former Mr. Universe tells you how to buildĀ  muscles you better take him seriously. When he was starting out, Anorld was considered to have the skinniest calves in the business but he worked hard in the gym to get the desired muscles. So it’s possible to get the muscle you desire.

I want to build my calf muscles and I don’t have a system on how to do it but I guese I will start with the governor’s advice, “do some squats!!!”