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Inspiring Running Stories : Running In Prison

One running blog that I loved to bits is , Running in Place: A Blog About Surviving Adversity. The blog is written by guy called Charlie Engle.

The interesting thing is Charlie Engle is in prison serving a 21 months sentence.He is there because he allegedly overstated his income on a home loan application in 2005. NY Times did a story on how the IRS went aggressively after him and there has been messages of support at his running blog.

Taking Lemons and Turning them into Lemonades

Charlie has decided to make the most of his time by keeping an inspiring prison blog. Charlie takes the time to talk to other inmates about running, and helping them learn to read.

At his sentencing, Mr. Engle told the judge: “I can say with confidence that I can turn negatives into positives. I have no doubt I will make the best of it.”

To understand how Charlie Engle unfairly got into prison, see NY Times Charlie Engle article.

To get inspired and show your support, go to Charlie Engle Prison Blog.

2011 L. A. Marathon Pictures : Photos

It was a rainy 2011 Honda L.A marathon but the rain was not stopping anyone especially the photographers. The following are my favorite pictures from 2011 L.A marathon.

Female Winner Buzunesh Deba kisses her husband at the finish line. Source, huffingtonpost

The beautiful story of the day: Kelly Gneiting finished Sunday’s Los Angeles Marathon in 9 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds, probably establishing a Guinness world record for someone his size. Source, L.A. Times blog.

Heaviest Marathon Finisher

Kelly Gneiting holds the Guinness world record for the heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon. The 40 year old, former sumo wrestling champion finished 2011 L.A marathon in a time of 9 hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds.

Kelly showed everyone how tough it is to finish a 26 mile marathon.

  • He weighed 400P at the start and weighed 396.2 pounds after the marathon.
  • Gneiting jogged the first eight miles and walked the final 18, saying afterward that he lost track of where he was after mile 10 because he felt delirious.

Kelly, A hard days’ work!

Never Say Die Spirit

“I was really struggling in the last five miles,” he said, “but I said to myself, ‘If I have to crawl, I will.'”


Source: L.A Times Blog.

Beer Drinking During Half Marathon Race

There is a group known as Hash house harriers who describe themselves as a drinking club with a running problem, the members meet for beer + some easy runs! But a guy in San Francisco took it all to a new level. He drunk 13 beers while running the 2010 San Francisco half marathon.

Although beer is served in small amount in certain races, HHH group serves beer at mile 21 of Chicago marathon. Drinking 13 beers while running 13 miles is a bit over the top.

Effects of Beer While Running?

Our hero has done it so he is best placed to tell us ; From his blog this is what he said.

But beer is a very good thing for a run of six miles or less. After those six miles, it slows you down too much and it begins to taste completely awful.

You will not “die” if you drink a beer-per-mile while running a half marathon. But unless you’re cool with swallowing your finger, there will be times when you wish you were dead.

You can read his San Francisco half marathon race report at his awesome blog exercisingwhileintoxicated

Ryan Hall Sports Drink Supplements

Ryan Hall uses two sports supplements to sustain energy, to train harder and build stamina to achieve superior results. I found this information from Ryan Hall official Asics blog. 8 Things Ryan hall will carry to 2010 Boston marathon post.

The two supplements are Cytomax powder and Muscle milk.

Cytomax Powder Athlete supplement.

On the official site it is described; Cytomax® Performance Drink is made for a different brand of athlete. Its blend of complex carbohydrates and sugars work to sustain energy, so you can train harder, build stamina, and achieve superior results – Proven Results!

Muscle Milk Sports drink Athlete Supplement

I loved how it is described on their site. Simply put it is the protein! This is a protein sports drink that is designed to promote the development of lean muscle. It promises to increase endurance, fat burning and strength.

Do they work? The proof is in how well Ryan hall performances

Running Myth : You Will Lose Weight By Running

I have always assumed that running leads to weight lose, but I was shocked to read the results of a runner who had covered over 200k in five days.

One of my favorite running blog is baldrunner, bald runner writes the biggest running blog in Philippines.

He went on a five days adventure run and he posted his experience in his blog


Total Distance Covered: 242.25 kilometers

Total Time (Run/Walk): 36:53:16 hours

Total Calories Burned: 15,467 cal

Weight Before The Run: 140 lbs

Weight After The Run: 145 lbs

Read the full report at his blog post Adventure Run stats


Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., but there’s no reason it can’t be day of “thanks” everywhere in the world.

So I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone that has ever shown support for me through the years by visiting my blog.

I enjoy what I do for a living and I enjoy sharing new running ideas with everyone… but it just wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t “everyone” to share them with.

I thought I’d just take the time to let you know… “thanks for being here”.

So no matter where you are in the world…. please enjoy time with your family and friends, and be sure to give thanks for whatever you are thankful for.


Marathon You Can Do It : Now On Twitter

Marathon you can do it is now on twitter, twitter@dailyrunningtip. If you are user of twitter you may now start following me on twitter.

I had been slow to embrace twitter but looking at the Phenomenal growth twitter has had, I now believe twitter has a place in future.

Your favourite blog will continue being updated daily but I will also be sharing my running tips on twitter. If you are on twitter please add me now @dailyrunningtip

If you dont have a twitter account create one at twitter.com

Let us keep the conversation going here and at twitter@dailyrunningtip. Cheers

How My Blog Got Hacked

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might have noted that this blog was not updated in the last few week. I have been fixing a few unexpected problem.

This blog was hacked by a hacker last month. I didnt know of the attack until I got a email message from google that said they were temporarily removing my blog from their index because they had detected hidden links in the blog. My first reaction was WTF.. They informed me they suspected it was the work of hacker.

Looking at the homepage of this blog I couldn’t see anything fishy, the links were invicible on a browser even when I checked the source code using dreamweaver I couldn´t see them. But when I checked the blog using this tool forwarded to me by my hosting company, www.unmaskparasites.com I was shocked to find that this blog had 250 hidden links. Using this other tool at SMART IT CONSULTING I discovered the hacker had hidden the links insider the footer.


I don´t keep credit card numbers in the blog the hacker just wanted to place the links. I suspect this was the work of a rogue SEO consultant. Google ranks sites depending on the number of links pointing to your site. If I can get 5,000 sites to link to this blog using keywords marathon running. This blog would always be at number one. The more sites linking to your site the higher you rank.

The competition to rank high has become fierce and some websites are using illegal means to get to page one of google search. One way is to hack into other sites and place hidden links. Blogs are popular in being hacked because hackers know bloggers have no time and resources to protect their blogs.


Whoever had hacked my sites had created new files inside my wordpress installation. Instead of just removing the suspect files I un-installed the whole thing and installed a new wordpress.


  • You can´t see hidden links but there are signs that may indicate something fishy
  • Your site starts ranking in some keywords outside your niche.
  • Your bandwidth usage is rising while traffic stays constant or even declining.
  • If you use google adsense the ads are totally unrelated to your niche.


Keep your wordpress installation updated to the latest version but the irony was that when this blog was hacked I had the latest version 2.7.1. The plugins also need to be always upgraded. I suspect that is where the hacker found a loop hole because I had failed to upgrade many plugins. I guese I was just lazy because the current version of wordpress allows you to install and upgrade plugins on your wordpress without the need of visiting the C-panel. If you are still running wordpress 2.2, 2.3 or any other lower version you are missing out. The current versions allow you to do so many things without the need to visit the C-panel.The days of ´this plugin cannot install….´ are a thing of the past.

WordPress Security Plugins.

There are many, one of the most popular is Login lockdown, Login Lockdown is useful in preventing a brute force attack. Another one is security scanner. The one that I liked is this one, wordpress firewall, it will even send you an email when someone tries to hack into your site. They will even give your the IP address for blacklisting . Just yesterday they sent me an email of an hacking attempt from an IP located in Carlifornia, USA.

There is no guarantee of 100% security, if someone wants you he can get you. Hackers are good just like those guys working for Symantec. They successfuly hack big organisations, Barrack Obamas servers during campaign period were hacked, last year someone hacked into online account of French president Sarkozy and withdrew some cash from his account. The only sure protection is to keep checking for fishy activities using the above links and when there is an intrusion remove it before google penalises you. After being penalised my blog traffic from search engines plunged by 80%. After removing the hidden links google lifted the suspension five days later, thats was three weeks before the end of 30 days suspension.

When I started blogging I didn´t expect to find myself learning about internet security. Learning never ceases and it feels good to be empowered.

Funny Marathon Photos

A marathon race is never complete without the fans. They encourage us to keep running or like my friend Dean says in his blog “They have a job to do. They must help their runner drag his or her sorry carcass across the finish line.”

They say it with their mouth better still with a hand made marathon poster. One of the most memorable poster I ever so was during my first marathon a dude wore a T-shirt with words “No money no honey” I think that was a clever way to motivate runners to go for the Jack pot!

Another funny marathon poster I have seen was a this one from a collection on deans blog!

To all Male Runners

To all Male Runners

And to all running sisters

funny marathon photos images