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Bernard Lagat Interview : Training : Diet : Workout

At 35 years Bernard Lagat is a man still at the top of his game. Watching him win 3000m gold at 2010 world indoor championship I was left feeling this guy is special.Consider that his former rival such as Moraccan Hicham E Guerrouj has since retired bogged down by injuries and age.

Is there a Secret?

I tried googling for information about Bernard Lagat, Hoping to find some secret workout but I didnt find any. If his coach has discovered the secret to athlete longevity and he has refused to share with the world, You cant blame him!

The closest I came to a secret has to be an interview Bernard Lagat gave back in 2007 to a small group of American and international media at Nike’s Osaka hotel.

Two questions stood out because they explained the mans approach to training, diet and discipline.

Take us through a season. When are you in Tuscon; when are you in Flagstaff, and when are you in Europe?

After the season, I go back to Tuscon, eat a lot, play with my son, and on November 1st, I begin the base training. I’ll start with no more than 20-25 miles per week, then increase it until January 1st, when we get serious because of the indoor season. After the indoor season, we take a few weeks off, then hit it again in Tuscon until April when we go to Flagstaff for eight weeks of hard training.

In Flagstaff, that’s the time when I start training in the morning and afternoon. Once that’s done, there are several races, including Mt. SAC, Prefontaine, New York, and the US nationals. After the US nationals, I go to Germany and stay there for three months until the final Grand Prix meet of the season. Once the season is over, the cycle starts again,

Where is your European training base?

I’m based in Tubingen, Germany. It’s about 20 minutes south of Stuttgart. Stuttgart is easily accessible for us (especially when traveling to meets in Europe); all we have to do is take a short drive up to the airport. Tubingen has a lot of good forests in which you can run; you can run north, south, east, west. It’s good for a runner like me, who likes to run long distances. I stay away from cement. The good thing about Tubingen is that there are a lot of different trails. I can do tempo runs, hill work, I can run on the flat if I want to.

Read the full interview at Paul Merca Blog

Bernard Lagat plans to run at 2010 Summer Games in London and I hope and pray he wins the Gold.

Tempo Running Explained

New runners normally ask what is Tempo running? The best answer / explanation I can give has to be the following from American middle distance runner Bernard Lagat.

Tempo running is sustaining a pace near the edge of one’s aerobic capacity, not as hard as racing, in a zone around 90 percent of maximum heart rate.

Bernard Lagat is famous for doing tempo runs of 5000 meters or longer on the trails.

Source Runners World Interview

Iten Training Camps

Iten is a tiny rural town located in the heart of Great Rift Valley province in Kenya. It has a population of 4000. The nearest major town is Eldoret.

Iten claim to fame is production of world beating athletes. Some of the talent who horned their talent on the earth roads of Iten include the world 800m record holder, Wilson Kipketer (Denmark), Bernard Lagat (USA), former Olympic 3000m champion Mathews Birir, former Commonwealth 800m champion Japheth Kimutai, the Chirchir brothers—Cornelius and William, former world 3000m steeplechase record holder and champion, Boit Kipketer, former world 10,000m champion, Sally Barsosio and former Olympic 1500m champion Peter Rono.

Iten High Altitude.

Iten lies between 8000 – 9000 ft above sea level. High enough to boost oxygen-carrying capacity, but not so high that it’s impossible to run quickly.

Iten Weather / Climate

According to a writer who has visited the area. The climate is also perfect for running: It’s seldom colder than 50 degrees or hotter than 80 degrees, it’s never humid, and there are 12 hours of daylight throughout the year.

Famous Training Camps In Iten

St Patrick High Iten

This is the oldest camp in the area: Opened its doors in the 1970s. It is run by an Irish Catholic Priest A.K.A Coach Colm O?onnel, a burly man who admits he has never worked out. This is a no frills camp targeting local teens. The teens get education plus coaching.

Lorna Kiplangat

This one targets foreign athletes. It has all amenities of a modern training camp: Clean accommodation, a gym plus sauna. For more details, see official website.