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Stadium Cheering and Back Pain

After attending my second soccer match in a week I woke feeling the negative effects of excessive cheering.

Doing the mexican wave has left my lower back reeling in pain. Am doing stretches to get it back in shape.

With Soccer World Cup 2010 coming to Africa, the whole continent is on a soccer frenzy. Kenya might be on top of the pile in running but in soccer we are not far from the bottom of the pile.

When you are at the bottom of the pile, the only way to go up is to have hope. Kenyans are very hopeful that some how a miracle will happen and we might qualify for the World Cup in South Africa

On Saturday the world cup dream lived on after Kenya soccer team beat  Zimbabwe 2:0.

The chant of the match has to be “MUGABE MUST GO!” Poor Zimbabweans who have seen Mugabe take their country¬† to the dogs must have loved it. Mugabe might have been miles from the stadiums but he seems to have heard it and not taken it kindly. Later that day BBC news reported Mugabe has vowed to go to war if the opposition wins the forthcoming re-election.

God Bless Zimbabwe