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Kenya Team : World Championship Squad Berlin 2009

Kenya Athletics Federation released a final list of Athletes for 2009 Berlin World Championship. The team / squad is made up of the following athletes.

Kenya’s team to the World Championships:


Joyce Zakary (400m), Janeth jepkosgei, Pamela Jelimo (800m), Irene Jelegat, Nancy Jebet Lagat (1,500m), Ruth Bosibori, Gladys Kemboi, Milka Chemos (3,000m SC), Vivian Cheruiyot, Sylvia Kibet, Inness Chenonges (5,000m), Linet Masai, Florence Kiplagat, Grace Momanyi (10,000m), Julia Murage Mumbi, Martha Komu, Hellena Kiprop, Irene Limika, Risper Kimaiyo Jemeli (marathon).


Mark Mutai (400m), David Rudisha, Alfred Kirwa, Jackson Kivuva (800m), Asbel Kiprop, Haron Keitany, Augustine Choge (1,500m), Brimin Kipruto, Richard Matelong, Ezekiel kemboi, paul Kipsiele Koech (3,000m SC), Vincent Kiprop Chepkok, Joseph Ebuya, Eliud Kipchoge (5,000m), Micah Kogo, Moses Masai, Bernard Kipyegon (10,000m), Daniel Rono, Emmanuel Mutai, Robert Cheruiyot, Benjamin Kiptoo, Abel Kirui (marathon).

Achilles Tendinitis : 5 Step Treatment & cure

I was reading a running forum and one runner who was suffering from achilles tendonitis asked what is the best form of treatment.

The best answer I read was from a runner called Chris, it went like this

I have/had Achilles Tendinitis. My first flare up was during my training for the Charlottesville Marathon. I didn’t end up running that marathon – but I did prevent my Achilles tendonitis from going into high gear. Achiles tendinitis  isn’t cut dry. You don’t just have it or not. There are several stages/degrees. I had the “beginning stages” (this was per my orthopedic doctor).

Five Step Treatment of Achilles tendinitis

He told me to continue to run at a limited amount (incorporate cross training) and start a few things:

1. Ice nightly – i fall asleep with ice packs wrapped around my achilles.

2. anti-inflammatory – he started me on naproxcin, but recommended me taking that for only a short time. After a week or so of that he told me to switch to Quertecin/Bromelain mixture (can get it @ The Vitamin Shoppe, or other health food stores). It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. So, I take that (still) 2x’s a day.

3. Avoid walking barefoot. I am currently in my pj’s – and I have a pair of tennis shoes on. It looks ridiculous but it helps.

4. Stretch out your at before you step out of bed. Take your big toe and point it up to the sky for 15 sec – 3x’s before planting your feet on the floor.

5. Stretch throughout the day – and especially throughout your runs.

It took me 4 months to get my Achilles Tendon back to normal, but be warned. Once you get it you are now susceptible to getting it again (I know it sucks). I have had it 2 times in the past 2 years. The first time it took 4 months, the following time I was prepared and nipped it in the butt and it never got out of hand.

I hope this helps a little. I know how much I love to run and even the slightest set back makes me sad.

Good luck to you!

An Athlete Diet : Complex And Simple Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the human body’s fuel. Just as a car runs on petrol, the body runs on carbohydrates, particularly complex carbohydrates. An athlete will need energy to undertake physical activity.

The message for athletes  should be that eating well can enhance performance. Eating more complex carbohydrate-rich foods means having more energy. More energy means running faster, for longer,and recovering more easily.

Types of Complex carbohydrates

  • Wholemeal/multigrain bread, rice, pasta
  • Some cereals – oats, wheat -based biscuits
  • Potatoes, peas, sweet corn, parsnip, carrots
  • Legumes – lentils, baked beans, chickpeas
  • Fruit
  • Milk and yoghurt.

Types of  Simple carbohydrates

Sugar, glucose, fructose, honey, syrup, jams, marmalades, toppings, flavourings, confectionary, cakes, sweet biscuits, soft drinks, flavoured mineral waters, cordials, beer, sweet wines, liquors.

Remember carbohydrates alone is not enough you will need to eat enough proteins and vitamins for excellent performance.

Boston Marathon : 10 Training Tips

Boston marathon is the oldest marathon in the world. For most runners Boston marathon is on top 100 things in life to accomplish.

Some facts about boston marathon are

  • The route is hilly – four in number
  • The weather can be unpredictable
  • The runners are fast, thanks to the minimum standards.

10. Boston Marathon running tips

To beat these challenges Boston marathon provides every runner with a list of 10 marathon training tips.

  1. Train hard but remember to take a rest.
  2. If a day or two of training is missed due to injury or illness or other reason, don’t try to cram two days of training into one. Lost days are simply days.
  3. Train at your projected marathon pace.
  4. Try to train at the time of the day the race starts and in the predicted weather condition as much as possible.
  5. Do the long runs.
  6. Remember to stretch
  7. Do speed works round a track, it just makes your legs feel better.
  8. Listen to your body, If you feel tired take a rest, if you feel pain go easy, if the pain is too much stop running.

Source : boston marathon site

95 Years Old Athlete : Inspiring Story Of The Week : Leland Mcphie

So, what are your plans for your 95th birthday? I thought about that question after reading the life story of 95 year old athlete Leland Mcphie.

At last weekend US masters indoor championship Leland Mcphie competing in the weight toss,threw a 35-pound mass nearly 22 feet. It wasn’t a record, but it was good enough to win his age group.

That age group? 95 years and older. His is a story of 78 years athletic career.

According to a story of Leland Mcphie in the San diego tribune,

  • Born in Salt Lake City in March 1914, the oldest of nine children
  • a self-taught pole vaulter at Colton Union High School from 1929 to 1933.
  • At San Bernardino Valley College in 1935, using a bamboo pole, he set a vault record (12-10) that endured until 1961.
  • In 1973 he began playing tennis.
  • In 1994 he discovered the track out of curiosity. Dressed in tennis clothes and shoes, he tackled the 50-meter dash – and won his first race.

Mcphie training plan

He trains five days a week, he’s either toning muscles on the weight machines at the YMCA or practicing throws and jumps.

“He does a crossword puzzle each day,” McPhie’s granddaughter, Rochelle Michaels, told the Trib. “He has continued to exercise all his life. He has a strong spirit. He’s amazingly inspirational.”

Running Tip: Home Made Endurance Sports Drink

The longer you sweat while running the more electrolytes you lose. And the more electrolytes you lose the more your feel fatigued.

One solution for these problem is buying sports drinks that contain extra electrolytes but these sports drinks do not come cheap.

Researchers have found that the more salty drinks athletes consume, the less urine they produce and the fewer electrolytes they lose.

Home made endurance sports drink

Runners can make their own home made endurance sports drink by mixing water with salt and sugar. It is that simple. I got this idea from a magazine article about ultra marathon running. One runner said he drinks it to avoid stomach cramps. The mixture has a nasty taste but once you get used to it you will be fine.

I always drink a mixture of water  plus sugar plus salt before I dash out for my long runs.

Just remember not all drinks work for everyone.

List of Kenya Cross Country Team To Amman Jordan

A team of 24 athletes qualified to represent Kenya at World Cross Country Championships in Amman Jordan on March 28.

Husband and Wife team

It will be a family affair for Moses Mosop and his wife Florence Kiplagat. Mosop, who won the senior men’s 12km race at the national championships on Saturday, and Kiplagat, senior women’s 8km champion, were included in the team of 24 athletes.

Runner who couldn’t run in shoes finally makes the team.

If you thought using running shoes was automatic, you are wrong. Another interesting story from the team is that of Country boy Paul Tanui (19) He was removed from last year’s team to Edinburgh because he had no experience in running in shoes.

“Previously the shoes made me feel uncomfortable. That is why the coach asked me to go home,” he told the press The boy learnt from his weakness and Tanui has since been running using shoes. One year down the line, he has perfected it and taken the battle to his opponents.

Kenyan team for Amman:
Senior MEN – Moses Mosop, Mathew Kisorio, Mark Kiptoo, Linus Chumba, Mangata Ndiwa, Leonard Komon

Junior MEN – John Kemboi, Paul Tanui, Japhet Korir, John Chepkwony, Titus Mbishei, Charles Bett Chepkurui

Senior WOMEN – Florence Kiplagat, Iness Chenonge, Linet Masai, Linet Chepkurui, Ann Karindi, Pauline Korikwiang

Junior WOMEN –  Mercy Cherono, Hilda Chepkemoi, Jackline Chepngeno, Jackline Chebii, Faith Chepngetich, Nelly Chebet

Running heroes, 98 Yrs Old Runner, Rosario Dies in Mexico

I read the following remarkable headline from International Herald Tribune.

“Rosario Iglesias, a world-class runner in the 90 years-and-older category, has died in Mexico City. She was 98.”

According to the newspaper report “The news vendor took up sports at the age of 80, Iglesias collected newspapers from distributors and ran though the streets delivering them to subscribers, covering six to seven miles (nine to 11 kilometers) a day. A customer who was also a runner noticed her rushing about at an age when most people have long retired and suggested she enter a race.”

She did, she won, and her running career took off.

This “I can do it attitude” shows the only barrier in life is our own limitations. Be inspired.

Running Tips From Haile Gebrselassie Running Clinic

The highlight at Haile Gebrselassie running clinic was the question and answer session. After doing seven laps around the stadium, we did cool down activity, stretching and jumping on the spot. At the end Haile was kind enough to give us time to ask him questions.

What is secret to his success

Training hard. This is not a secret but he emphasized the need to train more. The elite runners clock lots of weekly mileage. If you gradually increase your weekly mileage you will see improvement in your performance.

Why African runners dominate long distance running.

Success breeds success. He thought the young people in Africa look up to him and other runners as role models and this has inspired them to choose the sport as means of making a living.

Does he eat any special diet

Nothing special but he loves Teff, an Ethiopian food, a rich grain with lots of mineral.


Me and the King of the road

Will he try to lower his marathon record.

Oh yes! it is the way he responded to that question that impressed me. He was full of confidence. Success starts with a strong conviction : Yes I can!

About his age

“I wish to run for another 10 years but it is not for me to say but my body. I am struggling with age you know but as long as I can, I will continue competing.”

Does he plan to go into politics.

I think that could be my next step. It is not because I want power, it is because of what I think I could do for the people. He talked about a water project he sponsors back home.

Train : Run : 10K Race

10K, It’s the perfect distance: 10 kilometres require relatively little build-up, the training doesn’t take over your life, and the race is over fairly quickly unlike the half marathon or marathon.

Training for a 10K and Ways to Improve Speed

According to a runners world article I read , by logging only three or four runs per week, you can be ready to toe the line of a 10K in just five weeks.

If your goal is just to finish, your training runs should be at a comfortable pace. If you are aiming to beat a time then you should consider adding some faster training to your schedule, it is the best way to improve your speed and endurance.

Running Tip   For  10K

Don’t start running at a fast pace. Start slowly and save energy for the last mile.